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Reincarnation: TFHH

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Am I on the front page yet?



Hotdogs and Wangs does not a game make

I was looking for a game. This is a krappy movie. Author: don't steal the title from a series for youe own krappy ends.

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I'm so sorry for you..

Hey, get a life! I wouln't have commented or even voted if this was just some poor anim like many others - when I don't like, I don't bash, I just ignore - prolly some other people like them and anyway ev'body needs to start somewhere, just not my business.
But this primitive little jealousy bout against the REAL Reincarnation author/series pisses me off - you didn't just clone and poorly trash TFFH for the lulz like omg I'm so funnah to get your 2 seconds of general attention, but were sooo smart to take their title and bring.. this. Pity there's no way to give -100 for this sorry waste of bytes!
Must be hard to be you.. Next time, keep doing what you offer here, but under your own title, so we know what to skip..
I hope NG takes this down ~

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Trolling is useless... you also should show some respect for the author of the Reincarnation series...

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Just wrong

This listing led me to believe one of my favorite series had a new game. When I first checked this link, it had been Blammed out of viewing. I searched and found the real game. This goes far beyond fail, and all the way to cruel. If there is any justice on the internet, this piece of crap will be deleted, as will the uploader's account. I guess if imitating others with actual talent is the only way your sub-par animations can garner any attention...

At least "The Final Happy Hour" is on Newgrounds. It is just a shame a failed attempt at trolling has forced them to use a different naming system for the game.

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1.05 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2011
9:48 PM EST