Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna

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I made this during the xmas break to keep busy while I was away from my files on my regular computer. I'm not really sure what to say about it. I just felt like lip syncing words in a foreign language that I wasnt familiar with.

Was kind of a fun exercise because youre able to treat words as just purely sounds. I dunno.


uhhh lol

This what happens when Osama takes over TV LOL


I must say that I like the song and the animation is well made.

The greatest parts of this flash are the fact that your brave enough to submit something that people can't really understand (language I mean) and the fact that you gave us change to see how your work had proceed.

Only downfall that I can say about this is the fact that I don't understand the words and it lacks subtiles. You could have made it optional to show them or not, but I do understand it if you wanted to widen our taste of music with this one =)

Keep up the good work =)

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I knew I recognized this...

it's from Drawn Together- the one where they...go to India...anyway I liked it, well animated too

I loved it

As always, your art is very good Luis.
Since this was more so a test to see how you could do with lip syncing with the language, I paid more attention to that while watching it.
It seemed that for the most part it was spot on, although there were a few parts that didn't seem so right, but that's likely to happen to anybody, no matter who you are.
This flash was good though, made me laugh quite a bit.

Well Done..

I'm not giving it a high score simply because I know of the song, and understand it's lyrics.. I'm giving the score because of how well you did with the lip sync as well as how smooth the artwork was..

My Mrs would also like to add that it's a shame you didn't understand the words because then maybe you should have made a flash video which goes with the song.. but you've still done very well..

it kinda reminded me of when the Simpsons went to India and the closing credits were when Smithers dances to a VERY old Indian song, the cartoon had nothing to do with the song but the way it was put together still made people smile.

That's exactly what you've done, once again.. good job

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Jan 9, 2011
5:07 PM EST
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