Supercar Road Racer

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Here's our latest car racing game.

Race your supercar around 12 road tracks in this retro top view arcade racing game.
Collect cash along the way and you'll get a cash prize and qualify for the next race if you finish in the top 3. After each race, spend your cash on upgrades to increase handling and performance.

A - Accelerate
S - Brake
Arrows - Steer


Enjoyable with good physics, has potential.

I really like how this game plays, it's enjoyable and challenging.

I do have some suggestions to make it more enjoyable:

-Make it so that if you don't get podium standing you can reattempt the race. It's annoying for the gamer to have to restart at the beginning. You could have race entry fees, and when the gamer is out of funds their track day is over. This would mean longer average play time.

-I Looove how the cars get all squirrly if you put a bigger engine than tires can handle, the drifting is a wonderful touch! (not a suggestion per se, just wanted to mention.)

-The drag on collision with the rails is frustrating. There should be two levels, a slowdown when you rub against it (like running on grass) and then an actual collision-like drag where you lose most momentum. Also make it easier to get off the rail.

-I'd love to see areas on curves which have marbles on them halfway through the race. (marbles=balled rubber worn off tires FYI anyone reading this.) Could be an advanced level/option.

-Variable sound during acceleration.

-Adjust the speedometer and engine ratings to be more realistic. I feel like hasselhoff in a car doing 200 mph and it looks like I'm actually doing 60.

-Whatever you end up doing, keep the challenging part of it!

-Up/Down arrows for accelerator/brake.

That's it for now, Great job!

motionmonkey responds:

Cheers for the good comments and feedback.

Your suggestion regarding race entry fees is beyond the scope of this game I'm afraid. I'm already planning a sequel though with a more complex race career mode and more features. Same goes for your suggestion on different race surfaces.

I'll take a look at tweaking the drag as you mentioned, it may break the balance of the game mechanic though.

The speedometer to screen ratio has been carefully set to make it playable. Obviously it's not realistic, if it was the game would be way too fast and difficult to control from the start.

I'll change the controls to give the option on the up/down arrows. I personally find it awkward doing it all on one hand, but it's good to give people who have that preference the option.

Very Old school

I like this game but it could be better the no background music and it just sounds like those track cars you had as a kid

motionmonkey responds:

Thanks for the feedback. The sound effect were deliberately kept quite subtle to make way for background music in the final game.

Needs some work, but good

Reminds me of the racing game micromachines V3 which was an AWESOME game for the megadrive (i think megadrive- or some equal 16bit console.



A game like this is pretty classic, nothing new or interesting about it, but it's fun. The only problem I had with this game is that the camera should center on your car more, most of the time I felt like I was driving blind until I learned the layout of the track.

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motionmonkey responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I was a bit concerned about the camera angle myself. I plan to solve this.

good game

Camera angle is not too good.

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3.27 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2011
2:42 PM EST
Sports - Racing