Faint O'er Me

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Actual name is just FAINT. just like Bee-yatch just means B*tch.

Uhmm, yeah, my teacher (social) was pissing me off in school, i had a Project due the net day, and i decided to do it on racism because last week a guy was being racist during Gym period, i was (an am) pissed at my Social teacher so i decided to uses "bottles" in the making of my project, not exactly as i planned but, meh, passable. I am so getting a fucking A+.

anyway, i really meant the message in this. hope ya'll like it. i don't know why i named it Faint. :P


liked it

by the way theres to many bad people in the for that to happen but if we get rid of them then yes it is possible to change

WingDemon responds:

maybe. Maybe not. we'll have to wait and see.

A good message.....

Though we should never give up our right to HATE, AVERT, SUSPECT, and MISTRUST others. I have a right to Hate whoever I want. What should be outlawed is people's need to impose themselves upon others, just as religious, race & cultural groups do to others. But that's another FAINT. ;)

WingDemon responds:

I completely agree. you have the right to think what you want, but not show it [forcefully anyway]. ;)

good concept

youve got a good concept but i think more imagery could go in there, like the water bottles just to give it something other than a bland background with writing but i liked the idea of it

WingDemon responds:

ill probably make it into some kind of animation with some plot thrown in as a tribute to 9/11 (since its been like a decade and all)

I love the concept and the style

But the execution was off just by a little bit. I didn't understand the use of bottles, it took away from the video. It's just a poorly executed metaphor. "What if water tasted the same? in all bottles??? no matter the race?"

Also, some of the punctuation being wrong bothered me, as well as multiple question marks and excessive ellipsis also annoyed me. "What if..." should have been the only phrase to use it.

For something as simple as this, the execution needs to be damn near perfect.
And the more deliberate, the better. It was obvious that quite a few times you threw in phrases just to keep the text in sync with the audio. There's nothing wrong with it, but at least use better phrases to keep it powerful.

Overall, great idea and great message, but the execution was a bit sloppy and immature.

WingDemon responds:

meh, good critique, i shall follow up in an update. thanks for feedback.

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