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I began working on this animation about two months ago as a mild diversion from larger projects, and have been adding bits and pieces to it on a semi-regular basis ever since. Recently, I decided it was time to wrap it up. I'm very satisfied with the final product - a small, frame-by-frame loop - and I hope others find it enjoyable as well.

I didn't include any audio because I didn't feel there was any specific song that fit the animation; but listening to something while watching will probably enhance the experience for you. I imagine an ambient track would work nicely for people who are looking to mellow out; but feel free to play some techno, rock and roll, death metal, or nothing at all; whatever makes you happy.

I'm interested in what people think of this; honest reviews are highly appreciated. Enjoy!

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Blue Velvet

This Flash is quite a productive piece of experimental work, a visual treat, I also like the blue and white coloured theme that runs throughout a lot of your Flash videos. It sort of reminds me of the T-1000 liquid metal morphing back together in Terminator 2.

As I mentioned in the blog comments, this type of idea would work extremely well with using complex shapes and patterns that not only morph, but morph into things that tell a complete story.

Nice what you can make just with a little bit of playing around though Jack.
Great work, 5/5.

Stickman91 responds:

It was fun to just morph the shape mindlessly and not worry about where it would end up and how it would look; but I agree, a more structured pattern of morphing would be very cool, especially if it could illustrate concrete ideas.

Thanks for the generous review. :)


I'm not sure what to say... Basically its just a morphing image, its artistic in a way and the animation must of been tricky in frame by frame and i must say it runs pretty smooth. Nice little movie you made, i like the way you can start the movie in reverse by clicking in the screen.

Stickman91 responds:

Thanks, man!

Animating this wasn't too tricky for the most part, but it was rather tedious at times. The most challenging part by far was getting it to loop smoothly.

I am so high rite nao

And watching this is making me tweak1

Stickman91 responds:

Mesmerizing, isn't it?


This would make an awesome avatar.

Stickman91 responds:

Ha, yeah! It'd be one hell of a large GIF, though; there are 450 unique frames of animation!

Good job with animation.

I put this in as average work, there's always room for improvement though. Excellent work with animation. Try to make it turn different color throughout the animation, some interactive (like lines would avoid your mouse pointer) or have it doing some crazy things.

Stickman91 responds:

I considered dynamically changing its color at one point, but I wanted to keep the focus on the animation, and I thought color shifts would be too distracting in that respect.

You're the second person to comment on the dearth of interactivity in this Flash. I almost feel compelled to update it with additional features, but I think I'll stick to the original vision I had for it. However, I just might make something similar to this in the future, but with the extra interactivity and options people seem to crave.

Thanks for reviewing!

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4.33 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2011
4:25 PM EST