Sonic on Yoshi's Island

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Press Enter to start a level
Control pad moves sonic and space makes him jump
If you get stuck in a level press backspace to restart
Press DELETE to clear the rings from the level if they start to annoy you (Directors cut version only)

This was the first 2D game I made when I was 12, I remade the directors cut version when I started highschool. I included both versions
Ironically this now also my first Flash submission to the flash portal.
This is not my best work but thank you to those who play it. I will be putting up more games soon!

UPDATE 1(January 8th 2011):
I tweaked Sonic's collision detection in Directors cut as well as slowed him down a bit.
I also took out some rings, fixed the "un-collectible rings glitch" and fixed parts of some levels
Thank you all for the feedback!

Sonic and all sonic trademarks such as sound effects and edited sounds, all is owned by Sega,
Mario characters, environments, sounds and objects as well as the Super Mario World main theme, all is owned by Nintendo
All strange out of place objects such as spinning fans, dwarfs wielding clubs, hairy monsters, skulls, robots, electric fences bricks and rocks etc. are all owned by Clickteam.
All other objects and sounds I have used are all owned by there original creators, I do not intend to sell or have sold this submission in any way. This is my work and all objects and things I have stated above are not my work.


The original was the worse out of the two, constantly getting stuck on walls, Luigi making explosive sounds for some reason, plus having to press delete every level just not to hear a ring sound effect (rings really serve little to no purpose in either game) was just ridiculous. Both games are just avoiding obstacles and not getting hit. Got kinda boring after awhile. The second game had some nice idea's but still suffered from the ring and sticking on walls problem. It was a neat idea with changing size,appearance and motion each every few levels, that idea could be used in a game if done well. Both games are not that good, but there was obvious effort put into it.

This game is very good and is the first game I have made a real review on and is and probably will always be my favorite Newgrounds game. Also, I obviously gave it 5 stars and I am even playing this in 2017.

Okay so I just finished this game, and I have to say that it's very poor. For 1 thing, there is no music and only sound effects. This game is 5 years old and I expected a lot more than this.

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Great but... the dancing hairy monster kinda creeps me out.

Nooooooooooooooooooo i pressed J :D

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2.61 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2011
2:42 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other