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Ancient Defender

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Actually I'm not a game developer just some guy who love creating fun game on my spare time.

My First Solo game Project: Ancient Defender I work multitask with another one
Relese : V1.0.0

:D Through your eyes The world was burning,
Please be gentleI'm still learning (to create more fun games).

short video explain how to play the game/game play :
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=MJ01UHaiUsY


V1.0.0 : 10-1-2011
with preloader fix, level balance.

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Great game but lacks some things...

Really nice game, fun and entertaining. The sound and grafics are pretty good.

I´ve got some suggestions on info, bugs and new features to be added (to make it 10/10).


Add counter display of wave and campaign level , like: wave 10 of 15, level 03/08;

Add stats info on active units, friend and enemy (when the mouse is over them);

Add "mouse over" info on unit stats and costs (so you can know before you buy) in the unit tab and in the unlock menu;

Add more info on orbs and upgrades, showing how the stats will change (the avaliable info is confusing).


Fix some stages screens wich do not scroll properly;

Fix the sound button;

Fix bugs on support mines (the resources are misidentifieds in several places, like the coal color, sometimes green, sometimes purple);

Put solid buttons on gui menu to avoid bugs (If u have an unit under a button, it will act on that unit on the moment you click the button, making undesirable actions, like curing it and stopping you from cure other units) -> Got a screen print on this, just check my userpage news to see it.


Add more back to main menu buttons;

Add a way to save your progress;

Add a way to control the wave speed (waiting easy waves to end can be boring);

Add a way to cancel actions (like clicking one more time on the action button);

Add a way to destroy units (so you can replace then for other ones).

Not bad

but might I be so bold as to suggest a pre-release spelling and grammar check? If you can code at this level, you're capable of getting proper English translations of a few sentences here and there.

great game

if you are still learning to make a great game then i don't know what to expect from you but in a possitive way
this is a great game but not complete for some reason...
fepayton said the right thing but still a great game for someone who i learning

Very Good but missing tool tips.

In general this is a good if not great game. The graphics are smooth and the game plays well. The levels are balanced and it is fun to play.

The reason it is not a 10:
This game is about resource management. It is not about skill of point and click but rather rate of income and expense. It has the total resource that you have, but it dosnt tell you the cost of what you are doing. These can be deduced, but this means memorising 25 different prices. It seems petty to pull off two points because the prices are not shown however, costs are the focus of the game. It is like trying to play a first person shooter without crosshairs.

Overall very good.