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Hey once you're done playing this 1-minute pile o crap, how about you buy an actual full game of it over on Steam?


Nice looking game but...

Runs unplayably slow on my pc, unlike almost every other flash. I've put the quality down, still no joy.

Commands stack up and the response comes about 6 seconds later, making it hilariously impossible to control.

Looks alright though

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its to hard!!! @_@

the laser most be a little bit more light to handling!!


- Graphics 8/10: The graphics are simple, yet realy adequate to the game. Those aren't especialy impressive graphics, but I see that it was the idea to give it a simple look, and the effects are great.
- Concept and gameplay: 7/10: While this is not the concept of the year, it is still a very orignal concept. Its a new, refresing kind of platformer. However, the gameplay might seem pretty «spasmic» and hard to get used to at first. Also, the infinite amount of lifes cuts off the difficulty level harshly.
- Voices: 9/10: the voices are well made, and they are nicely recorded, and add a pinch of humor. Of course its gore humor, «MY RIBS ARE IN MY EYES! THEY'RE IN MY EYES», but it is appropriate to the game and add a little more of enjoyment to it.
- Lifespan: 0/10: I know it might hard to make a good game, and even harder to make it long, but when a game can be finished in less than one minute, there's bound to be a LOT of improvement. I unfortunately can't see much efforts on this point, so I find myself unable to give you any points for this.

Overall rating: 6/10 (okay game): I am very disapointed to give a not-so-good rating to this game. The game itself as alot of potential, with good graphics, a new concept, good gameplay and a nice voice cast, but like I said before, its WAY too short. This game would have deserved a much better score, but with a lifespan inferior to one minute, I cannot give you a great rating.

I-smel responds:

I've ignored some big reviews to my games recently, but I'm in a really talky mood right now, so I wanna respond to this one.

-Thanks on the graphics, I tried to make it look like a basic Kirby/Mario platformer, and didn't go super complex cos I just wanted to get it finished without spending too long on it.
-A lot of people hate the controls, an that's fair enough because sometimes they just don't work, but I think you missed the point on the difficulty. There's never a game-over in this, and I don't want there to be. Rubik's Cubes are hard, Monopoly is hard, and Trials is hard even though you can play it all day without running out of lives. I put a game-over in Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar, and it just kinda spoiled the game. Nobody wanted to try again, and it killed the joke-- I'll come back to this in a sec..
-LIFESPAN; this is the main reason I'm replying. The game was designed to be short. It was designed around the joke that this guy is stuck in a horrible time-loop. If it was any longer the joke would stop being funny, or it'd be too easy to predict the ending, or the basic mechanic of the beam cannon'd get boring. The bigger the gap between the setup and the punchline, the worse off the game would be- that's the way I see it.
Same with Robot Dinosaurs, like I said, that game's built around a similar joke. The dinosaurs roar; it's funny in the first cutscene, then it's funny for about a minute of gameplay, then the cutscene comes back n it's done. The game really loses steam if you're stuck hearing the same joke for like 5 minutes.
Also- in both games- there's not much you can do with that mechanic before it starts to get boring or weird.

By the way; there are two secret routes in the game that lead to slightly different endings. I didn't mention them anywhere, they just got out through word of mouth-- you'll see a lot of it if you flick through the reviews.
So if you want a bit more gameplay from this or if you want something harder, play it again and go in the wrong directions. Try to get to places you shouldn't be allowed to get to, and you'll find some stuff.
That's another advantage of it being really short: it's really easy to hunt for secrets.

Thanks for playing, and takin the time to write a fuckin huge review.

couldnt get over the part with the spikes.,

maybe you should take the time to explain.

I-smel responds:

You can slow your descent by beaming down
that's how you get passed the spikes


Way too short. Did I miss something?

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Jan 6, 2011
8:55 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other