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Super Fatty: The Game

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In, like, 2005, my brother stuffed a giant teddy bear under his shirt and made a video of himself beating up teddy bears, with hilarious action. I made it into a video game. Because I can.

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This is a work of art.

That was in ma style! XDDDDDD


horribly short and um. Not even possible and it's defying all laws of physics but still just



lol funny.

TheEntertainer responds:


It's like day by day, I'm losing more and more of my intelligence.
Sometimes I go with it (being crazy is fun :D)
Sometimes I fight it. I try to be serious and, horrified, discover that I sometimes can't.
I wear pants and roll around vertically.
I'm making a better videogame.
It has been revised.
The concept.
The concept that I was going to mention, but I won't because I already have.
In another alternate universe, this might not have happened.
Quantum immortality and whatnot.
If it wasn't for electricity, you would have played this game by candlelight.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm original. Statistically, it's unlikely.
Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get where I want to be.
Sometimes I wonder if depth of content is an ironically shallow idea.
Sometimes I wonder why I wonder so much.
Sometimes I wonder if wondering has turned me into something that I can't change.
I don't hate people. I'm not very good at it and it isn't very fun.
What if this game has a level of meaning that speaks to someone out there? Sure, this game was a joke for me, but what if someone legitimately felt an emotional connection to the characters and setting, and broke down key elements into a submerged plot which I had accidentally buried?
I must collect the Christmas cards of destiny to consult with the board of wondering to further ponder this epiphany.
A singularity is an event horizon that is difficult to see beyond, such as before the beginning or after the possible end of time.
Homer Simpson's voice actor accidentally misspelled SMART S-M-R-T when recording the 'I am so smart' song, and the writers went with it.
Michigan J Frog is an icon of the 1920's, even though he wasn't created until 1955. His iconic image came from his song choice, which, among other time periods, focused on songs from the 1920's to the 1940's.
Space is defined as the absence of matter. Space isn't just what you see at night; it exists between molecules and sub-atomic particles.
Conclusion: Smileyface.


That was just fucking hilarious :P

TheEntertainer responds:

Sometimes I'm so funny I even make people laugh.