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Hey everyone! When I was in High School, we would play this card game for hours on end during Finals, and when we didn't have anything to do. The idea is similar to UNO. When a player lays down a certain number of cards, you have to lay down the same number of cards with greater or equal rank. If you can't, it skips your turn. Once no one else can play, the last player to lay down anything starts a new round. I hope you enjoy the game, and here is the rules in case you need a refresher. I've included the gameplay instructions and scoring in the game, but if your new to Presidents, it can be a little confusing at first.

-If your starting a new round, you can lay down however many cards you want of the same ramustnk. (2's are an exception. See Below)

-If your playing on a round, you must lay down the same number of cards as the person starting, and they must be of equal or greater rank as the last cards playing. Ex: One player lays down two 4's, so you must lay down two 4's, 5's, and so on. (2's are an exception. See Below).

- During the first round, the player with the Three of Clubs starts the round by laying down that card. The next player plays on top of that.

-If you lay down a card of the same rank, it skips the next player. If it's the third of the same rank laid down in a row, it skips the next two players. If you lay down the fourth and final card, it skips everyone and it's your turn. Remember, the cards have to be laid in a row. If the round resets and you lay down the second, third, or fourth, it doesn't skip anyone.

-If you lay down doubles of the same rank, it skips everyone, and it's your turn.

-If you lay down a card of the same rank and you run out of cards in doing so, all skips are void, and the next player starts a new round.

-2's are special cards in the stack. If you lay one down no matter how many cards are required on the field, it clears the field, and you start a new round.

-If you run out of cards, it's the next players turn to start a new round.

-Depending on how you finish, you will be given the rank of President, Vice-President, High Scum, and Low Scum.

-Once all players have finished, the President trades out their 2 worst cards for the Low Scum's two best cards. Vice President and High Scum follow suit with 1 card. After all swapping is done, the President starts the next round with whatever he wants to play.

I think that's all the rules. The game gets easier as you play it more. I've also included scoring and scoreboards. See if you can get the best score!!

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very similar to pusoy dos

President 13 times in a row, score 2051635 before I got bored of winning so much XD

Always wanted to play this online.

Quite fun, and I got 518840 on my first try. In Sweden it is also known as "Neger och president", which I'm sure you know what it means.

We used to call this game "ass hole"

1st time seeing it in a video game.


Very addicting game, although it's a little hard to understand at first.

TwistedHawk responds:

Thanks for the comment! I tried simplifying the instructions the best I can. I remember it took a few rounds to get the feel of it. If there is anything else that can help, just let me know.

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Jan 5, 2011
1:39 PM EST