Mansion Escape: The Guest

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It's Christmas and you've just enjoyed a night of partying with your friends, but you wake up to find they've decided to play a prank on you!

Point & Click to find clues and your way out of the Guest Bedroom!

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won't work

all it does is go to the load screen but won't load

Who needs enemies

This guy needs to find new friends. Sounds like his current friends are dickholes. It was a pretty good game, I agree that music would make it a lot better.

The game could use some improvements

The game is okay, but it could stand to have a few more things added to it.

This game is very quiet.
The game could benefit from having music or background noise. In a game, music is one of the ways that players can figure out what kind of emotions the main character is going through- without it, it's almost as if the character is emotionally dead on some level.

The main character's personality isn't getting through.
The character should have more things to say about the things in this room. The game player is supposed to be comfortably nested inside the main character's consciousness- and one of the ways this happens is because the main character's personality becomes dominant by having an opinion about everything where the player wouldn't necessarily. Having the main character talk about everything is one of the easiest and most effect ways to explore the character's personality on a moment by moment basis. All you have to do is turn everything into a button and change the 'Over' (what the graphic of the button changes to when you hover your mouse over the button) to incorporate a small bit of text about what the main character thinks about each object. A good example of this concept in action is games like Freddi Fish, Fatty Bear, or Spy Fox where everything can be interacted with.

The game doesn't me credit for finding a different solution.
Once I got the hammer by clicking on the chair (which lead me to the top of the shelves), I thought I could just bust down the door by hammering through the wood. While it would have been messy and I would have had to buy a replacement door, I could have easily exited the room at that point. To replace a door would only cost about $60, and clearly the guy can afford it as he already owns two computer monitors.

There's a glitch where if you have already broken the computer monitor and then click on the chair, the computer becomes whole again.

my god

this is posibly the hardest escape game i have ever played

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2.23 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2011
11:00 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click