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Inspired by the internet, and viewers like you.

Regurgitation is used by a number of species to feed their young. This is typically in circumstances where the young is at a fixed location and a parent must forage or hunt for food, especially under circumstances where the carriage of small prey would be subject to robbing by other predators or the whole prey is larger than can be carried to a den or nest. Some birds species also occasionally regurgitate pellets of indigestible matter such as bones and feathers.
It is in most animals a normal and voluntary process unlike the complex vomiting reflex in response to toxins.

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Probably the best quality dating sim I've ever seen.

sonic theme?

Not for anyone who has Epilepsy

Nice music but i couldnt watch it b/c i have Epilepsy.


I enjoyed this game for a whole minute, keep up the good work.