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Man Snake Alarm

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I know it's synced up horribly, but i got too lazy. I was going to add a lot more, but I started to get frustrated and gave up.

ENJOY!!! :)

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okay I've listened to this enough times to distinguish that this isn't badly done, It'S JUST A REAL DISASSOCIATED POLYRHYTHM good work PAL, also that pitchLFO needs an amplitude of 25x the amount this is so it can break my ears and make me SHITMSELF

Experiment Gone Wrong

This sucks. The author could have used a loop from his existing audio catalog in the AP but chose to add a really annoying sound effect instead. This thing could use some work, but it might be better if we just forgot it existed. That's how piss-poor it is.

The only good thing about pencil neck is that the tweens and masking layers are put to use. Good thing, because this snaggle-toothed welterweight is fugly beyond belief. He probably chokes on the shrooms he tries to eat with that wavy... thing.

Ah, it's not a horrible little experiment. It's just a horrible flash. At least Father-of-Death has the tact to warn about his shortcomings with the audio synchronization.

Father-of-Death responds:

lol holy shit...

You took this shit way too seriously, you angsty little fuck. What ever happened to practicing and having fun while doing so.

I'm a beginner at this flash stuff so cut me a break asshole.

I'm all for criticizing but god damn that wasn't criticizing at all, that was just some random hate mongering load of shit comment. This wasn't spam and i'm sorry if it you saw it that way, I guess I'm done posting flash on NG if I have to make the BEST flash ever when I'm just starting out.