Hoshinofuru 2

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Hope you like it and have fun.
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Its notbad, could use more effort.

ok well this is notbad of a game, it seemed to take awhile to {LOAD} so i am wondering if you could do anything to shorten the loading time, it could be a cause of anything really, The menu screen is something you could touch up, it was a tad bland, maybe throw in some colors and more improved looking buttons and the font could be changed in the title to really jump out at the viewers, just an opinion but it could be cleaned up and made to look more {FRESH}, The game play is very fun, kinda reminds me of the likes like finalfantasy and such, the graphics in the backround were pretty good, and the play action with commands was decent with some decent art and after art action, so i liked the effort there, The characters were cute and you had a variaty of differant ones to chose from, i would love for there to be some more interaction more commands and a faster game play it would increase the fun factor of it all, but just my opinion on improving on a fun little game, and now that i think about it the graphic images for the backround is probably what made the file size abit large, so you could probably bring that down somewhat, but anyways good job i look forward to more of your work soon.

Possibly reducing some graphics etc so loading time could be faster? try working in a much more better {MENU} screen it was somewhat bland. more game play interaction would be nice.

Fun game but could use some effort in file reduction and more game play interaction.


Now, what am I doing?

The design is good. I see where you were going with this, but somewhere along the line it appears as if the game got here incomplete. I REALLY think you need to finish this, as it screams potential, but needs some polishing!

There's no story at all. Which is a problem, but not as big of a problem as the lack of direction.

On the map nothing is labeled, nor in the view of the town. These are huge problems. The users will have no idea what areas are clickable and tabbing around should never be something a player should have to do in a game.

I would HIGHLY suggest using some text that looks good maybe in round rectangle boxes over the clickable areas labeling them. Maybe "Town" "Cemetary" "Lighthouse" "Forest". These things would have been really helpful in the game.

There also doesn't seem to be a coherent point to the game. Why keep training? Just for high scores? I think it would be nice to be training for a final boss battle. Maybe you have to reach level 40 to slay the dragon, or something along those lines. There just doesn't seem to be a real grabbing theme to the game.

Like I said, your design is good, and I enjoy what you've put together. It just needs a few more things to really seal the deal. The different creatures look great and the fighting system seems fully functional. The links to different areas, albeit not labeled, do work.

Just put in the extra time on this and it'll be a lot more worthwhile. I hope this helps. Good music btw.


Needs a story

The game itself is all right. Nothing too special about it, but it's not bad. What keeps me from playing this game for a longer time is the lack of a story line. There seems to be no real goal except for fighting and collection monsters. Not very motivating over a long time, at least not for me.

The graphics are decent, even though I wish you'd put some more animations in the attacks. I mean, it's nice that you drew different animations for the fireball and the shurikens, etc. but for example the normal attack doesn't look any different from the karate kick.

Also, the monsters only sit there motionless. I know it's propably a lot of work to do animations for them and it's only a minor detail. But I think it would be worth to put in this extra effort.

Also the main map is a bit confusing. It would be nice if the different places I can go to had different names. This would help to place my clicks right. A few times I wanted to go back to town but ended up in a forest instead.

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It's alright

I would really advise giving the five starter characters a back story instead of automatically forcing them into battle. The enemies don't even seem to fight back most of the time. They just sit there and do nothing.

The music seemed to be alright considering how many songs were put into this piece anyways.

As for graphics, the backgrounds seemed to be very nicely done but the creatures were poorly drawn. I would recommend redrawing them and taking some time to make them look a bit better instead of just make them into five second doodles.

The game play seem to be less than great though. Not much earned or loss but I would fix it to where the enemies actually do strike back in the same turn since most of the battles there was no fighting back.

Overall, I would go back and take a bit more time to fix up some of the battling, giving characters a back story, and just making it more of a story.

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Lacks direction

What we have here is a decent game, that is pretty easy to fathom out (for the basics), but it really suffers, as it seems that there are no clear-cut boundaries for the play, no plot of any sort to adhere to (the benchmark that you seem to be aiming for is something along the lines of Epic Battle Fantasy, I'd guess) and you end up as a player wandering around trying to get your bearings.

Solve this by having an introduction, giving us some back story to the characters, what they are doing here and why they are doing it. This could lead to a few Final Fantasy style cutscenes in the middle and a longer one at the end.

Where this piece for me really falls down was that I was thrown in at the deep end and I pretty much drowned. To prevent this, some sort of tutorial on how the interface works would also help. Sure, the game of charades that you played with us and the picture cards for the action sub-menus was a little easy to figure out, but you'll get hold of a much improved demographic of players, if you appeal to as many people as possible.

So much potential, I'd love to see you develop this more and get to somewhere that may prove this game even more rewarding.

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3.77 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2011
1:18 PM EST
Adventure - RPG