Treton Part 1 Redemption

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The place where the actions are happening is the planet Treton. It is one of the biggest planets in the known galaxy (by the people of the old and peaceful planet Treton). There are many different species living on the planet and they all leave in harmony. There are no wars. There are also no countries with little exceptions. The main character is Timo, an experiment created for military purposes. Soon Timo meets Kunvix which is his "Spiritual Guide". These main characters soon discover that there is a big ancient danger which is rising and needs wise acts to prevent it.


An honest review

People on this site will give you above a seven for no reason so I will give you at least a 5 for sticking with an animation for so long.

What you need to do:

- Work on your drawing skills so that each scenes looks more interesting

-Find a way to make the story more engaging.

-Leave the text in, but work on your writing if thats more of your style.

-Draw, draw, draw to get better.

What you did great at....

-Like I said, keeping to an animation so long (not many people can do that)

-The text instead of voices makes it feel like ff7 where people can imagine in their mind what is going on.

-Scenery was great with the action sequences. Although working on them would be good. Think of "Tarboy:

.....you have potential, keep going. i want to see improvement!

Denfng responds:

Ty for the review.

Looks good

This was interesting because the animation was really good. There were some times where it came off as a bit off model but still fun to watch. The best part was probably when the main character was jumping across the city and jumping on one of the flying cards. Timo reminds me of Snake from Metal Gear, as does the whole thing. It seems to go on a bit too long, and I would prefer it was not a loop. All of the objects here seem to have their own style.

In fact, the artwork was so different at times, I preferred one kind over another. While it doesn't have the most original of stories, its great visuals make up for it. It looks like Timo is wearing bear feet. This certainly has potential, seeing as how highly ranked it's already become. It's fine without dialogue because the animation makes up for it.

Denfng responds:

Thank you! Really kind. I'm now doing episode 4. Timo is indeed kind of wearing boots that are like bear feets btw. Ty dude.

NICE arts

you have very good art talent :) ... i like it well :) but maybe need it music in background ;)

Denfng responds:

Thank you. :) I really tried to create something with quality. I did a lot of brushes, light effects and others.

I liked it

The backgrounds were done really well, but the blurring was too much

English Please....

If you want me to take this seriously......use proper grammar lol. but please don't think the 4 is strictly based on that because there were numerous other faults in your execution of flash animation but i can see potential in this series if and only if it continues and you improve as a animator/storyteller so don't give up!

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4.26 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2011
3:57 PM EST