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Ya know what? This animation sucks. The music doesn't sync, it's ugly and all the animation is from "Wicked Negative One", so go watch that instead.


Great Job

You Did a great job on that i dont see how thats in anyway out of sync so djs3 you dont know what your talking about
great job

Like a bad Kung Fu movie...

... this is annoyingly out-of-sync, which made it unwatchable.

Oh my god that rules man.

Man this has fot to be the greatest music video I have ever seen on Newgrounds. over course teh only music video I have seen besides this is the Kill Saddam Song. This thing rules man. I have never played any Grand Theft Auto games not even the first one all because of my god damn Mom who won't let me have them until I move out dmnit and by then I probably won't be aable to find the games because they'll be so old. This is the closest thing I have to a copy of one of the games (besides all the Grand Theft Auto games on Newgrounds that I've seen so far suck). God bless you Henrik Herman and thanks for making this awesome video. By the way how long did it take you to make it? My guess is 2 years.

Excellent Work

This movie was awesome! The movie goes well with the music, a very nice choice there. Though to fully understand it you must watch Wicked Negative Zero! Go watch it! NOW!

Henrik-Hermans responds:

Heh thanx, but it's Wicked Negative One. Wicked Zero is still in the works.

not bad... not great, but not bad

one question.... what the hell was up with the guys in the pyramid?!?

Henrik-Hermans responds:

Well, you see, this video uses animation from my movie "Wicked Negative One". Watch it and you'll understand.

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Jul 4, 2002
9:47 AM EDT
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