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Crystal Runner

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Mix of old classic games such as Pacman, Pipeman and Bomberman.


Has everything, and yet nothing.

In theory, this game should be great. The graphics are polished, the gameplay is somewhat innovative, yet it's boring and annoying as hell.
Lets see:
The only actually new game mechanic was the rotating crystals, which to be fair isn't actually new at all, and is generally underutilised in the game anyways.
The game is hard, but not challenging. Most of the time the issue is the black holes, which is actually really boring and repetitive. The bombs aren't particularly useful when they're NEEDED, and when you're able to take the holes out in advance, you're able to avoid them anyways (and from what I saw, sometimes they RESPAWN, making it entirely useless altogether). So that leaves us with the "lives" mechanic (annoying and unecessary), the "collect the trapped crew", the "collect the coins", the ship, and the annoying enemies.

The coins forces you to run around the level and go out of your way, which is annoying and repetitive since you have to keep avoiding the black holes, the "collect the trapped crew members" is unnecessary for game completion (the COINS should be the unnecessary goal, dammit) and fairly rare as well, and the black holes are boring and annoying.

The most memorable level here was level 19, "the path of desperation" or something, which isn't particularly interesting on the first attempt, and tends to require split-second reactions (meh) or memorising where abouts to dodge the fireballs (which is repetitive and boring).

As for the story, there's enough of a story ("get on the rescue ship and bring coins + other crew/passengers/whatever") for you to wonder how the hell you got there in the first place, and what the hell you're trying to achieve. It's not explained, concluded or lampshaded. Not cool.

Also, for anyone looking for a challenge, it isn't THAT difficult to finish, it's just boring, and after you've completed it, there's no "challenge" after that. So from what I can see (story gamer, explorer gamer, challenge gamer theory etc), it's not that appealing to anyone except those with low standards.

The good news is that I couldn't find any glitches, and as a program it's fairly decent, if uninspiring.

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front page?

what was that...oO seriously add some excitement =D

Good concept, bad execution

the concept of the game is really good. it was a good attempt of making a decent game.
the issue is how the game actually ended. the music is extremely monotonous, the graphics aren't attractive at all, and the gameplay is repetitive. i only got to level 7 because.. well, it got too boring. maybe if you improved the idea it would be good.

Front page? Really?

Wow, this really is pretty boring. Playing this is a chore in basically every sense. Pick up stuff. Take these guys by the hand. Carefully measure out how far the holes have to be behind you so that you can actually hit with the bombs at the right time, and once you've found it there's nothing else to learn. No tricks, nothing interesting to watch or do, no cool toys to play with, just hey, you can rotate some of the spaces some of the time, and occasionally it might even matter.

No thanks. It's not as planning-crucial or reflex-demanding as Pac-Man, it's not close to the strategized chaos of Bomberman, and the only thing I could find on Google for "pipeman" is a plumbing service...I guess if you were going for the same kind of monotony and sense of being intruded upon that you get from calling a plumber to your house, then I suppose you were on the mark!

It's not interesting. It's not challenging. It's not fulfilling in any way. You've basically missed the majority of marks to shoot for when making a game.

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Very fun game!

The balance between pacman, pipeman and bomberman is just right. I actually thought of those exact 3 games before reading your comments! Job well done/job accomplished lol.

Bar some lag issues (particularly the final level) and a countdown timer for the bombs-hence the score of 9, it was very very fun game to play. Keep up the good work!

And allow the negative reviews. They are plain stupid!

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3.63 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2011
4:51 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle