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Jump 2

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This is the sequel to the platform game 'jump.'

In this edition:

Water - Swimming

Sludge - Sends you back a level

Springs - Make you jump higher

This version has far better graphics, with the improvements asked for in the previous version.

I hope you enjoy it!

Remember to comment.

/\/\/\/\ Controls /\/\/\/\

Left and right arrows move you around.

Space bar to jump.

/\/\/\/\ Special levels /\/\/\/\

If you discover a special level button somewhere in a level, click it to be teleported to a secret level with a medal just for you :)



Made springs easier to jump on.

Fixed spikes

Updated death-screen so you don't accidentally click the home button.

/\/\/\/\ Other /\/\/\/\

Sorry for having to resubmit this guys, the previous just had too many glitches so I removed it from the website. It was not in a good enough state to be released properly.

So I am resubmitting it here again, so you can make the most of the new updates.

I hope you understand!

I'm thirteen guys vote truthfully =D


Scorpia Studios

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Same complaint as most...

Fun game despite the fact that you fall thru platforms Black or White if you A. Fall from too high or B. Don't time your jump right other than that the game has potential...

Scorpiastudios responds:

:/ Oh dear.

Fix. Your. Springs.

Black platforms are springs, but good luck trying to actually jump on them LOL. Seriously, your meant to bounce on springs automatically, you don't fall through them if you dont jump at the right-time. Thats just not how it works. Was actually having fun until I got to the impossibly difficult black springs.

Better than the last one in gameplay.

But there is no songs! not even sound effects! The game is nice but the lack of this essential thing made it worse than the first one, except for the gameplay. Can get better.

6.6 of 10

it's alright

it's a fun enough platform game and all the rest and controls were simple and easy. but, for me there is a huge flaw. at level 12 thing jump from easy enough, to fucking impossible. I'm sorry, but seriously? two second platforms? i mean you might aswell land on a spike everytime you jump, it's just frustratingly difficult. i get the concept of this, like, you have to time yourself accuratly, but two seconds is just too fast i think. and then when you jump on the spring you can't even see the next platform and it's just a stroke of luck you'll land it. i probably could've got past this bit but the sheer frustration and effort is not worth it. look, you have a decent game here, and whilst everything has it's flaws, this is ridiculous, i think you need to sort out the space between the platforms, and improve on the 2 second platform thing. but on the other hand, i like the way you put a challenge in that's good it gets people to try again. and also i appreciate the animation, it's very good for a 13 year old, so all in all, i'd say decent effort, i appreciate the work put in, but work on the things i've pointed out there i think some other people would also have the same problem aswell.

Scorpiastudios responds:

Thanks for the review.
I wasn't sure whether to put the flashing platforms back in...
They were two seconds I'n the last game swell, so I thought I would leave it at that.
Three and a half maybe 4 be alright?

good but needs work

spikes were a little sensitive, i think you need to include in the game to hold spacebar for the black platforms, i had to read comments to figure that out. Also i think the platforms should respawn after a while, lvl 17 got annoyinng. and a little short

Scorpiastudios responds:

There are also spikes on level 17...

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2011
4:07 PM EST