Zombehs Of Doom

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To play just point and click, clicking the arrows go to different levels. You have 5 different weapons, 5 different hordes, and, well have fun xD. I Will be updating this frequently, depending on what you say in your reviews, but the graphics enhancement will have to wait until i make a sequel, so be on the look out for new levels and weapons!.

UPDATE: New level, the key to killing the boss will be different than you think!


pretty good start to an fps game but there's a bug where if you shoot the dead body, it does it's death animation again. but overall good game

Its easy and i like the giant zombie! !!! ! ! ! ! 1

Hello Again Liozamu!!!

You get a three from me for being better than an average amateur programmer.
I gotta say. People are right. It does suck.
However, it was fun in an unusual way.
When i first played this game, i thought the zombies were gonna attack me.
But then I totally went what the f***!!!!
They weren't moving!!
So I basically shot them one at a time. Till they were all dead.
Then I moved to the next level.
The first thing I noticed was that If you shoot the zombies in the stomach, their heads blow up!!! WTF?!!!?!?!?
That was funny.
But the fire level was the best.
You torched the Zombehs. they run around like heck and then the die.
You torch their bodies, they do run around, again!!!!!!
Can't wait till the next part.
Hopefully we'll see:
Multiple Weapons
Moving Zombehs

hahahaha hehehhee

I got it what a fun way to take out your anger and you can keep going back and forth killing over and over


You know, i'm not going to lie, the graphics weren't the best. I actually had fun though. You said it yourself,increase in graphics will be made in the sequel. Add more weapons, try not be stick figures next time lol, more variety in sounds. Better animation. So on and so forth. Nice game though, good try.

Liozamu responds:

lol, yeah ill be adding more levels and such to this one, but theyll still be stickfigures, but ill put much more time into the sequel.

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1.81 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2011
6:59 PM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person