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Last of 2010 - MOAT

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Hello again Newgrounds!

While I would love to leave a long, witty commentary, I have to hurry downstairs to celebrate the New Year. As always, my last of 2k__ submissions are created in the 1-3 day(s) leading up to the end of the year. This one is, just like the others, nice and short.

With that, I hope you enjoy Moving Objects are Terrifying, my last submission of 2010!!!

Edit: My friend is having trouble getting this to work, however it works fine on my machine. I'm looking into the problem in a bit.

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Moar leik last peiece of shit of 2010 HARRHARRHARR

No but seriously, for being so simple, it was actually a rather enjoyable 2 minutes of wasted time. You get an 8 because it was so damn enjoyable, I had to finish it BEFORE I played Minecraft. And to further Snipe's issue, I too have BEHEMOTH MAN-FISTS FIT ONLY FOR SEA-FARING LUMBERJACKS AND RUSSIAN COMMANDOS, and thought it would be much more logical to have an AWD setup instead of an odd one with J as jump.

J for Jump?

It's a very simplistic game that is very enjoyable and entertaining. I'm pretty sure this is a brilliant send off to the surprise-laden timezone we call 2010. However I do have a couple of caveats with it:

First is the lack of music. Intentional or no, it could do with a couple more tunes here and there. Like Addite below said, a button to cycle through all the available ear ticklers would be nice.

Second is the controls. While I don't think other people have such a problem, I happen to have BIG MAN HANDS OF STEEL so it's a bit awkward if you ask me to use 'J' when it's much easier to use 'W' or the Up arrow instead. Maybe add an options menu so you can change the controls?

Overall you'd get a 9 or something if you just added something to help those with HUGE MAN FISTS OF TITANIUM. As it stands, me and my LARGE MAN KNUCKLES OF IRON are giving you:
7/10 4/5

nice idea...

but its very easy. But i think you just did that to greet "Happy new year" so its ok. :)

Crisp and Simple

MOAT has a pleasantly minimalistic appearance with equally simple gameplay. I very much enjoyed the muted color scheme and humorously scuttling "moving objects" -- which I imagined to be lions and birds. The introductory text, like everything else about the interface, is smooth and unobtrusive. The gameplay itself is entertaining enough to warrant several replays.

I found most of the game to be lacking, however, in a few easy-to-improve areas:

The first (and smallest) criticism I have is that the game is, regardless of how deliberate, without music. I appreciated the suggestion to turn on background music, which I gladly did, but I still think that making the 'M' key cycle through a couple tunes could multiply the fun factor a bit.

Second, and more importantly, the game is lacking in variety. Consider adding "birds" that fly up and down, "lions" that change direction and speed, and maybe even a new moving object like a frog that jumps. I also think that the player should wrap around the screen edges like the rest of the moving objects.

Third, and in my opinion most important, is the lack of high-score functionality. I reached the end of the game, which was slightly disappointing to me. Without endless play, a skill-based minigame like this simply cannot maintain much replay value. How can I improve on my level if there is a level cap? If you remove the level cap and add a high-score table, this game can reach its true potential!

I enjoyed the game, but felt the experience lacking. It's definitely worth a few plays, but doesn't have much replay value once you've beaten the game.

3/5, 7/10


it was boring it plainly killing my mood sorry