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Introducing the amazing, the patented, the uncanny... Critique O Matic!

Employ this clever machine to critique art on the go, and impress your subscriber friends with your victoriously verbose verbal verbage! Let them swoon at your feet as you deliver the most complicated and precise (and vague) critiques this website has ever seen; all while enjoying the time-saving comfort it has to offer.

Did we mention this system has over 2.3364x10^37 possible permutations? That's roughly about half as many atoms as there are in the goddamn universe. Even Doctor Who can't keep track of all that sweetness.

Disclaimer : Use this awesome AI at your own perilicious peril. Some (wonderful) critiques will undoubtedly sound a bit forced, especially if the person receiving them knows you have bad english skills. Worry not, however, because we already have plans to create an even better system - The Bad Critique O Matic X - a badass mother from the wrong side of the internets. Stay tuned!

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First of all, I'd like to say that this art piece is quite colourful. The method you have executed is interestingly mind-blowing. It is noticable to me that you kept your nose to the grind-stone with your undiluted capacity of talents. The colour of this art piece is greatly right for the emotion that I sense you are attempting to capture, but in hindsight this comment is more than likely superfluous. On the other hand, I sense that your use of rendering could of been handled better as I contemplate that it doesn't duplicate the quality seen in the remainder of the art piece. In conclusion I would like to say that it has been a joy to write this evaluation for you and I think it will inspire you to upgrade your excellent piece.