SBC's new year party

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I fail at being funny. I had to rush this again. Just finished it a few seconds before new year.

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you win at being funny.

avtually, this was far better than your first movies! it had subtitles, nice sound effects, and a wonderfully good drawn background! also i loved how u drawn the characters!

1.some sound effects were TOO loud (like the car-stopping)
2.some scenes had too much delay, like when smeghead clock was talking to turd clock, sometimes, after the voice was over, the scene stuck there for a few seconds.
what FPS do you use? 20? 30? maybe i can help.

3. why on earth was turd-clock green? ...actually, dont tell me. or actually, TELL ME. im so curious.
why is he green?

overall, a good animation, and despite the fact it was rushed, it was good.
keep on doing movies, sir!

aListers responds:

Thanks! The sound effects were always messed up. I think that the headphones and speakers I used when watching this were pretty bad and when playing my flash, they never showed up as that big of a difference. I'm going to put extra care into the sound effect volume next time.

Certian parts of the delay were deliberate but that delay doesn't seem to be. I think I would've fixed that if I wasn't rushing it. Hopefully whatever I do next will have more care put into it in terms of timing. Also I use 30 fps. I was told by Rupeeclock that that was the best to use. Also, in what ways can you help?

Turdclock was green because I'm colour blind and he looks green to me. I'm completely unsure if that was intentional. Green turds aren't exactly uncommon.

Thanks for the review! I'll be sure to put much more care into my next movie and I'm sure that I'll continue making them. Exams next year won't be nearly as hard as the ones I'm taking this year so I'll be able to put all my time into making flash. I'll probably be able to make multiple flash next year. If I'm lucky then I'll also be able to make a clockday flash this year.

happy new year!

i want to make <3 to this movie.

aListers responds:

Happy new year!

I guess you're ok with being in the movie then!


He is the true KING of the PORTAL!


This is the first ever Clock Crew New Year's flash submission, Thank you for making this Clock Crew flash submission!

Really not very funny..

The dialog would have been better without using the fake voices, the animation wasn't clever. The script was the best part of the video. Keep working because I see potential!

aListers responds:

I can't really voice act though and when I just used subtitles people complained that they couldn't understand a thing. I'll admit I was lazy with the animation because the script didn't need much and in the end I rushed it. I was going to have a proper explosion but it was 5 minutes till new year.

Thank you.

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1.80 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2010
7:11 PM EST
Comedy - Original