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First I want to give a thanks to my anonymous benifactor who gave me a Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet. You're awesome. Made this cartoon about 10 times more fun, and about 20 times faster to make.

Knub is sitting on the couch enjoying some quality time with the television. Suddenly there's a knock at the door. Who could be paying Knub a visit at this time of night? Did they bring treats?

I made this short in 10 straight hours, just especially for you, Newgrounds.

SPOILER: In retrospect, parts seem a bit racist, but it was unintentional (for the most part). All in good fun.

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I thought it was pretty funny!

As much as I liked Koopa's Revenge, No More Herpes, and Mega Tankman, this has the merit of being original. Sure, people will misinterpret this as racist, but you were just doing this for laughs. Aside from that...

Graphically, it's simple and to the point with a nice cartoon style. However, that black guy could have had his torso proportions reworked. Plus, nice frame-by-frame for something with a small filesize.
Sound: Also simple and to the point-the sound effects fit nicely and the voices were above average for just one man.
Content: As said before, this was pretty funny for something made within a day. As for political correctness; Newgrounds wasn't meant to be PC in the first place, so why bother complaining considering that Marc M and Dean Packis were known for being offensive and they're well respected. Besides, neither you nor I have anything against Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. Plus, I can credit you for doing something original.

What I do like:
-Having the balls to do something politically incorrect.
-Mostly Good art and animation
-Nice voice action

What I don't like:
-The black guy's torso could have used a bit of work in the proportions department.

Overall: Here's a nine from me to you.

Lambtaco responds:

Thanks. The trouble with creating something original is getting people to watch it. As derivative as A Koopa's Revenge is, it gets a billion times more views than my original games (okay billion may be stretching things, but it's literally tens of thousands). I did digitaly alter the pitch for the voices, I have to confess.


Meraviglioso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grande!!!

Lambtaco responds:

I don't know what that second word means, but YEAH!!!


it's an okay flash. The humor IS a bit racist, but I still found it funny so I won't knock points off for that. But the quality is a bit cheesy. A good effort though.


Lambtaco responds:

It's the best I could hope for in a cartoon that was made in just one day. Not like I was expecting Daily First.

Also, how is it 8/10 and 3/5?

no , bad dog!

racism is never fun, unless theres kittens

Lambtaco responds:

I really don't appreciate the condescension.

Amazing Job

That Was Way Better Than I took And You Made me lol

Lambtaco responds:

Why, thank you. Seems there might be a word or two missing from your review though.