Mechanical Ice Apocalypse

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Lazors 5 Points

Get killed by the lasers

Patience 5 Points

Watch the entire credits scene

Showoff 5 Points

Submit your high score

Story 5 Points

Listen to the entire story

Suicidal 5 Points

Die ten times

tldr 5 Points

Skip the story midway

Bronze 10 Points

Finish under 3:20

Silver 25 Points

Finish under 2:50

Gold 50 Points

Finish under 2:20

Ninja 50 Points

Last four minutes without shooting

Winrar 50 Points

Kill the boss and save the world

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

IMPORTANT: If you get a glitch as demonstrated here (http://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=opDgxCm9ij4) upon beating the game and then trying to play again in one sitting, please PM me (Bcdefg123). Neither me nor 3D-xelu can replicate it.

5th place in the Game Jam according to Edmund! And apparent fan favorite! Thanks for your support!

Latest version: 1.3.3 (The DiMono update): The time you see you got after the game is now the time you submit. I also fixed an error upon restarting that didn't seem to affect anything, but still.

3D-xelu has made a video walkthrough for this game: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=l87O_xOAvv8

*whew* Ok, so this is Team Moose's Game Jam submission. We had four people, but the only ones who did anything worth discussing are me (bcdefg123) and 3D-xelu.

3D-xelu had this idea, and he did all of the art, found the music, and for the most part spearheaded the project. For three days I spent virtually every waking hour on this project with him, and we are both pleased at the end result. If nothing else, it certainly is the nicest looking of the Game Jam games XD Anyway, I truly am VERY, VERY grateful to have such a talented teammate... there were also two absent ones, but hey, who cares about the details? And I'm just glad I was able to keep up, especially in that climactic final hour of the competition where we were both madly trying to get things done.

Anyway, enjoy.

Stuff added since the Jam (so you can get an idea): Medals, Wuss Mode, Scoreboards and Timer, go back to menu buttons, control scheme tuning, pause button, mute button, making HUD stuff semi-invisible when flown under, core and collision tweaking, breaking the end of the game and subsequently fixing it :P

Some Half-Life 2 sound effects are used, and are property of Valve.



This is a very pretty good game and is addicting and it have good graphics!! I giv it 10 star, but is hard

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Somewhat, odd

Personally I found the graphics to be of high standard and the music to be very good also, however the game itself was off. As many have said before you have to try and try and try and try yet again to finally complete the game which is all well and good but it isn't feasable in this sort of website and that this issue was mainly caused by the speed at which the game itself took.

I don't mind avoiding lazers and fighting unkillable rockets (as embarassingly that's only how far I seem to get, unless I've missed something fundamental or I'm being ignorant, sorry <3) but the speed at which you have to manuever the helicopter + the fact that the situations you're placed in require absolute precision or you'll die instantly ruin in the game rather than add to it I feel. If you work on this sort of bases I'm sure the game will be much more appreciated, as it is still of a very high quality.

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Let me start by saying that the art was really nice. I loved the look of the machine and the spinning missiles. The ice lasers were sweet and little effects like the missiles poofing into ice dust were nice touches.

The gameplay was addicting, though super frustrating. One life is a pain in the butt, I think making it 3 lives would have made this game have a lot more appeal.

But, that said, you had me coming back again and again (over 3 days) just to see what the next form would be and, on my last play, my heart was thumping and I was so proud to finally defeat that thing and see the world thaw.

I don't think most people will have that same amount of patience though.

I think this game is the best of the game jam, though adding 2 more lives would skyrocket this to something really legit.

I'm real excited to see what you guys do together in the future :-D

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I Agree..

I agree with AmericanRobot, the game takes time and many tries, it's good, but too much time for something so little. One more thing, it would have been nice for a mouse control type of thing. Click to shoot, drag to move. Just saying.


First off, everything was either white or grey, so already you have a ton of foreground, background issues. The ship moved agonizingly slow, and would slide all around when you wanted to go a different direction. The game play is complete trial and error, which is a big problem when your enemy has such a ridiculously huge health bar. I'm not opposed to games that are just one big boss battle, but everything about this game moves at a snails pace! If i had to sum this game up in one word, it would be "draining" because I fell my energy slipping away as I play it.
The game isn't outright broken, with enough patience you can beat it, but the game needs to appeal to the gamer, not the other way around.
This game is like a big bowl of grits. White, bland, functional for sure, but a little honey or jam would make the experience more enjoyable.

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Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2010
12:45 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight