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Mechanical Ice Apocalypse

rated 3.59 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight

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Dec 31, 2010 | 12:45 AM EST

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Lazors 5 Points Get killed by the lasers
Patience 5 Points Watch the entire credits scene
Showoff 5 Points Submit your high score
Story 5 Points Listen to the entire story
Suicidal 5 Points Die ten times
tldr 5 Points Skip the story midway
Bronze 10 Points Finish under 3:20
Silver 25 Points Finish under 2:50
Gold 50 Points Finish under 2:20
Ninja 50 Points Last four minutes without shooting
Winrar 50 Points Kill the boss and save the world
Villain Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

IMPORTANT: If you get a glitch as demonstrated here ( atch?v=opDgxCm9ij4) upon beating the game and then trying to play again in one sitting, please PM me (Bcdefg123). Neither me nor 3D-xelu can replicate it.

5th place in the Game Jam according to Edmund! And apparent fan favorite! Thanks for your support!

Latest version: 1.3.3 (The DiMono update): The time you see you got after the game is now the time you submit. I also fixed an error upon restarting that didn't seem to affect anything, but still.

3D-xelu has made a video walkthrough for this game: tch?v=l87O_xOAvv8

*whew* Ok, so this is Team Moose's Game Jam submission. We had four people, but the only ones who did anything worth discussing are me (bcdefg123) and 3D-xelu.

3D-xelu had this idea, and he did all of the art, found the music, and for the most part spearheaded the project. For three days I spent virtually every waking hour on this project with him, and we are both pleased at the end result. If nothing else, it certainly is the nicest looking of the Game Jam games XD Anyway, I truly am VERY, VERY grateful to have such a talented teammate... there were also two absent ones, but hey, who cares about the details? And I'm just glad I was able to keep up, especially in that climactic final hour of the competition where we were both madly trying to get things done.

Anyway, enjoy.

Stuff added since the Jam (so you can get an idea): Medals, Wuss Mode, Scoreboards and Timer, go back to menu buttons, control scheme tuning, pause button, mute button, making HUD stuff semi-invisible when flown under, core and collision tweaking, breaking the end of the game and subsequently fixing it :P

Some Half-Life 2 sound effects are used, and are property of Valve.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

pretty nice

the game is pretty neat. It's challenging due to the fact that you only have one life and has a lot of creativity in there. I suggest to put up more lives or a health bar. I also suggest that you could get like some sort of energy bar and unleash a big beam or some big hit. This game was good but can be improved alot. Really good game and you have talent for making this in 72 hours


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Would be a wonderful game...

...if not for the fact that after one death, you have to start all the way back at the beginning. I'm not interested in seeing your work through to the end, no matter how much effort you put into it, because the penalty for death is far too boring.

Thank you. Have a good day.

~TheHolyDarkness Out~

bcdefg123 responds:

Penalty for death is far too boring, you say? Ok, we'll work on an improved death screen sequence, change the code so you can't play again when you die once, and throw in a couple extra achievements for death just to be safe. How's THAT for an exciting penalty!? ;) - Brian


Rated 4 / 5 stars

cool/awesome/old school

this game is really cool and awesome Lol but the think is tha music, i mean it's cool and every thing but fore me need more like epic music ; but it's just me
y will kinda like a second part but this time i will like to see first normal enemies
and then the BOSS! ; but any ways awesome game !



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Reminds me of epic crab battle

this game is a good fun challenging game, but its missing a few key elements LIKE LIVES and HEALTH. other than that that i had a good time trying to beat this game.

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

rote memorization

Well, the first part when the missiles come at you, is trivial; they're easy to avoid. Then stage 2 comes, with the energy beams, and I have to ask, wtf were you thinking? You have to stay in the middle for the first attack, and then cross over the beam when it becomes temporarily non-fatal, and then cross again, and do this or that, but it requires either predicting the future, or memorization from playing and losing the game vastly many times before. It doesn't matter how fast you are to react. There is NO solution if you don't take it upon yourself to cross over the beam when it goes dim, to the top or bottom. You have to GUESS beforehand that while the middle was safe for the first time, the top and bottom are safe next. Then if you get past that, they start doing asymmetrical things - and what's more, the beams aim up and down FASTER than you can move your little airplane. So AGAIN it does not matter how physically fast you as a player are to react, there is no solution if you just happen to be in the wrong location due to lack of foreknowledge of what is about to happen. And of course here's no progress save, no limited-number-of-trials progress save (i.e. 'extra lives'). One shot. Guess wrong, and you have to go through the whole sequence again. It's a glorified game of simon. Except at least with simon, it doesn't take nearly so long to re-enter all the information you have been provided with thusfar (unless you're really good and can remember a terribly long sequence). How fast does this get tiresome? I'll tell you how fast. Twice. That's how many times I played it. I am not inclined to give it a 3rd go. Bye bye. Off to play other games, better things to do, thank you very much.

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