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IcyBitey 5 Points

Find the first secret area!

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Get pwned by the game!

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Finish the game!

Author Comments

Update2: Holy fartcicles! Frontpage! Did *not* expect that!! Also I fixed the glitch where the "snow ball effect" is still there the second time you play. It should be updated once they approve the new file. And added a "clear save file" button too. So if you've finished the game, you can have fun with infinite ice!

Update: made the game a tad easier, and fixed a glitch where the boss sequence didn't appear.

We did it, with much better timing than the last game jam.

Special thanks to ToughManNagaty for his amazing help throughout the project!

Contains 11 levels with a really cool boss sequence. The game also saves automatically.

You might sometimes be teleported out of the level, just press R to restart and carry on.



how can you make fitction?

i press down like it said and nonething happend

OmarShehata responds:

When you press down, you move slower, hence, you get pushed less when a rocket hits you.

Sequel Please!

This game was a ton of fun, I liked it a lot from the beginning to the end.
I did encounter 1 glitch however when sometimes after being shot by the rocket id end up at some random screens.
But I'd really like to see a second Ice Boy game with better graphics, more variety and more music.

Good job!


It's a great game, but I came across a game breaking glitch where if you jump up onto the next screen all you get is this lovely image of Bitey from Brackenwood.

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OmarShehata responds:

Not a glitch, more like a design error. Basically, you've jumped into the above screen, which is a secret area. You can go down again by simply crouching or jumping down.

Well here is what I think..

Nice little platform game, however:
I noticed a few little messed up bugs in this game, hope you will fix them:
1. When the rockets hit your back you go backwards and vice versa.
2. That laser thing that I believe is meant to brun the ice so it melts; doesn't.

These I believe are only small errors, hopefully you will fix them. :)
Thanks ;)
7/10 and 4/5

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OmarShehata responds:

The laser doesn't burn the ice, the ice you draw is meant to stop it. The laser drains your ice meter if it hits you and slows you down as well.

Thanks for pointing out the other bug!

Not bad.

I enjoyed this game the first time i played through it as the only glitch i had was being teleported to the wrong area which was fixed by just restarting.
1st time the only problem was the springs that i found annoying to jump on.
I tried playing again and thats when i started to bounce all over the place for no reason which made it impossible to play.
I got to play through it once and found it to be fun so good game could have some work done to it eg. better graphics, make it longer etc. but this game brought fun to me for having nothing better to do today.
6/10 and 3/5

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OmarShehata responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I actually fixed a couple of glitches, including the one where on the second play through, everything goes crazy, but I'm waiting for them to approve the new swf. So it should be fixed soon.

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Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2010
12:24 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other