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Find the first secret area!

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Finish the game!

Author Comments

Update2: Holy fartcicles! Frontpage! Did *not* expect that!! Also I fixed the glitch where the "snow ball effect" is still there the second time you play. It should be updated once they approve the new file. And added a "clear save file" button too. So if you've finished the game, you can have fun with infinite ice!

Update: made the game a tad easier, and fixed a glitch where the boss sequence didn't appear.

We did it, with much better timing than the last game jam.

Special thanks to ToughManNagaty for his amazing help throughout the project!

Contains 11 levels with a really cool boss sequence. The game also saves automatically.

You might sometimes be teleported out of the level, just press R to restart and carry on.



Very enjoyable...

Though I didn't know there was a boss sequence until I read that you fixed the glitch...
Maybe you should look that up again, a cool boss sequence probably would have made it 10 Stars ;)

Great game

The concept is just awesome and proves that flash games can still be entertaining and have good ideas, it was short and simple, not a lot of framerate issues and the only bug there was was very minor. The music was nice which topped the game off well. Good job and congrats on winning the competition.

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good job

congrats for winning the game jam
and nice game too :D


This was extremely entertaining. Great music, great concept, great art, great programming, great game. 5/5 10/10

Like the "Space Jam" music

I am surprised this has such a low score, as it really seems to be just as good as any other game made in this series. I can tell that it was made in a time limit, as it does not have much detail. I still liked how the premise and design of the game was really simple to understand. The protagonist himself looks cute, with how he just bounces around everywhere. I think it may be the first game I've played where there was a button I was not supposed to touch. I kept thinking I could jump over it, but then I forgot my ice powers.

With the ice powers, it's a very creative game that you can really lose yourself in. Man, is it awesome how you can start on the same level even if you refresh the page! The missiles being fired actually seem to be more of a threat to getting on your way than actually killing you. There is a fair amount of detail in this game, especially one that's simple. If no one else likes this game, then I can.

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OmarShehata responds:

Thanks for the review man!

It actually had a much higher score when it was out of judgement. It was at 3.6 and seriously dropped when it was front-paged. I'm guessing most people didn't like the lack of polish.

But anyway, I'm glad you liked it! We're considering making a "deluxe" version, I'd love to hear any ideas/suggestions you have for it!

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Credits & Info

3.14 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2010
12:24 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other