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Death by Dravalanche 5 Points

Fall to your death

Rescued 10 Points

Rescue all the villagers

Slayer 10 Points

Defeat the dragon

Author Comments

Use the Left, Down, and Right arrow keys to dig your way to the bottom and Defeat the evil ice dragon to save the villagers!

Made in 72 hours for Game Jam #2.

Thanks to AustinBreed & Newgrounds.


72 hrs? Good job for that time.

Sure, you rushed it. It didn't look rushed, but more like it was incomplete or needed improvement. Even better gameplay would have made this game great. Like villagers that were actual challenges to unfreeze, or bosses that werent beaten by moving between the left and right side of the screen until all 3 (or the same boss? they looked the same.) of the bosses were dead. Also: the first medal's description was confusing, I thought it meant to fall a certain height, but I fell around 7 blocks and it didn't work. So I had to reset the game, and die to one of the bosses (if you get hit more than once, the first to know how the boss attacks, godspeed.) before I got the medal. I also didn't know I got the medals till the page was refreshed. no medal popup thingy.
-Decent game, but for this kind of game, There's been a game out that blows every other game like it away, just can't remember the name.
-The boss took strategy to beat. Even if it was just to move left and right, at least you stimulated the young minds to think for once instead of mashing buttons till the boss died.
-The mining sped up after each boss, because holy crap if it stayed that slow throughout the game I was going to rage in this review.
-No skill in the ice digging, just left and right to get to the villager, down to villager, next.
-Bosses (boss?) didn't switch sides, or breathe fire (Was it a dragon head or some kind of ice worm? I honestly am confused. Even if it says dragon, what is a dragon doing underground in an ice cavern?) It was a boring boss fight.
-You won! 7 second music loop and Paper Mario esque endless Game Over screen! (that's a bad thing, I hate those.) It didn't have credits, or a reset button, or anything. (Yes, i know how to use the right click menu to rewind the game. not the point.)

Overall? 5/10 for keeping it simple, sweet, and to the point. -2 for the boring boss, -2 for the annoying amount of time to dig, and -1 because you could move through blocks if there was an empty space diagonal to where you're going. (And the character gets stuck in the block if you move too far to the left or right and dig down.) But hey, Try again, Make a good sequel or something like that.

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Cool, fun, and quick

Had alot of fun with this little game. Could have done without the boss battles tho

Can't say anything here.

Should've made a jump button. It'll make it more easier and more fun.

Firefox Issues

Seems to freeze after intro on firefox - switched over to IE and worked fine.

Overall a fun few minutes, if a little straight forward. Excellent for a quickly made game, but definitely has potential for expansion to be a full game. Maybe a variety of bosses, abiities and axes? Nice graphics.

I dunno, man.

After the game gets past the initial, and arguably, adorable, intro, I get a black screen with three hearts on it and music. Nothing else. Clicking outside the game window lets me see, oh, hey! There's actually a game! But when I click back inside the game, it freezes.
I'm running the latest version of Flash, if that's any help.

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Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2010
12:08 AM EST
Action - Other