Last Town On Earth

December 30, 2010 –
November 20, 2017
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The last town on Earth is about to be overcome by a blizzard that is freezing over the Earth, and its up to you to push it back.

For the Newgrounds Game Jam 2, a 72 hour challenge.


Thats a Beautiful song

And what's you satirical message this time? Couldn't last the game to figure it out. Once again, thoroughly disappointed by something you made. I ought to just stop playing your games.. Oh, well.

Could use some more work to it but you've got a great Idea going on here. Should improve on it when you can.

Undead for a while but shortly after...

decent but upgrades would have been nice.

also, you can walk off the screen.

I love the storyline and it is delivered in a very simple yet effective way in combination with the controls and music, however, 1 mark goes for a bit too repetitive music (just a bit) and 2 marks because I really, REALLY think this game could have expanded so well by putting speed and range of fire upgrades, that would be really nice.

i like it all. but those damn yeti's wont die i spray em with flames but they just wont get hit. and when i finaly hit em they just keep on walking

but still hoping for a bigger and better edition :D

I liked the game, the story and the thematic, It reminded me a litle to metro 2033, but of course sometimes a good idea can evolutionate on a very litle time, but it was an interesting game, I would like to see this game to evolve into a more complexing RPG, with more story and bosses. keep working.

It occurs to me (not sure if it's a glitch) the blizzard became immune of fire for a moment. The game is interesting enough, an upgrade option might just help a bit.

needs better art and quality
and less repetitive

Awesome...I guess...

Reasonable idea and poor graphics. :/

everybody do not have QWERTY keyboards think about it.. i'm not just talking to you, there's so much other games that can only be played in QWERTY..

put an option for AZERTY or QWERTY or just set the movements with the arrow keys and it'll be perfect! :D

Kind of fun and interesting like a turtle eating ice cream. The graphics are very adequate.

Well, the graphics is ok, but the music is not match with the gameplay.. and also I get bored after 2 waves. Should be good next time!

should be expanded. Cool game for just 72 hours though!

as lots of people have said, this game is to simple and repeditive.
i FULLY agree with RighteousMan117 (below), this game has a potential. like a bud to sprout into a flower.
i also found control gliches. he would normally get stuck moving in one direction and not stop moving that way. the flamethrower would continuously fire in the direction that the mouse was when he got jammed.

over all, OK game but could be WAY better

Simple game and cute graphics.
However, the frame-rate is no good at higher levels.

Also the game is repetitive and the controls are wank.

On terms of repetitiveness, it can be expected from a defense game like this. However, there are ways to avert this. Like other defense games, you could have a shop of customization office where you can improve your character, your weapon, and the town you are defending.

There was beautiful potential for customization here:
1. The Man. The defendor has a critical role, reppeling tons upon tons of incoming snow. However, he chased down and constantly harassed by snow monsters, giant snowballs, and other troubles that make his job much harder, and sometimes he falls in the line of duty. Let this be fixed. Give our hero the option to earn money to buy some body armor to make him more resilient to the snow monster attacks. Better yet, let him guy a more expensive thermal suit that radiates heat so it repells both the Snow Monsters and any nearby blizzard snow. You see my drift here.

2. The Man's Flamethrower. Lets earn money to buy a longer range flamethrower, an increased fuel tank. Or better yet, how about a flame thrower that leaves a 5 second fire where ever you shoot, and the fire repels the blizzard in its immediate area for 5 seconds. Cool upgrades like that should be applicable. Also, let our hero buy a pistol or rifle or something to shoot the Snow Monsters that chase him around all the time. That would be neat.

3. The Town itself. This should obviously be the most expensive of our possible upgrades. Maybe we could have building upgrades that make the buildings more resilient to the blizzard. Maybe we buy guys that go to the rooftops with their flamethrowers and hold off the blizzard snow a little bit (They would function as turrets, kind of.). Speaking of rooftops, maybe we could get snipers on the rooftops to shoot the snow monsters that chase you. That would be very helpful.

You see? This all could have easily been in the game. I'm not calling you bad or lazy or anything, but you kinda dropped the ball for decent but quickly repetitive gameplay. Customization increases the re-playability of any and every game. This game should be no different. Please make a patch, or a sequal, that includes these buy-able upgrades (You don't even need to add the ones I suggested, just have the concept there please). It would let the game have a higher rating, I'm sure of it.

One last gripe besides the missed opportunity is the controls: You give me no way to modify the controls to my liking, and also, when I use WASD to move the character, he goes absolutely haywire. I loose control of him, and he keeps spraying fire, and he goes off-screen and unresponsive while the blizzard sweeps in and engulfs the town. I don't know if this is a bug, or bad controller coding, or what, but you need to fix it.

Thanks for reading. Just my suggestions. 3/5, 6/10
Decent game, but it could be more.

If fire holds it back then surly one city just put tons of camp fires around the town or something because if one man with a flamethrower can hold it back......you see my point

Anyway the graphics were poor and it got really repetive and dull. simplely should not be on the front page

Actually, I believe it's quite a bad game, because it gets really boring, and nothing new happens... The game is too repeative... Too bad the player can't burn the heck out of the town! :P

IF you put it into the right scenario or context it might of worked, however it simply didn't work. I think the lack of a pause feature, repetition and, as stated before the genre didn't fit the game.

Sorry, but I just don't understand how it made front page.

I don't see how it was related to Action-shooter category. In fact, it doesn't require any skill in aiming. It is just a matter of calculation, and it is boring in a third-person's view. And the music doesn't coordinate the scene, either.

The game is good, but it needs some upgrades........

Not sure of how much is missing in this game, but believe me it's a LOT¡¡¡

need more prayer interphase, a sequeal maybe, awesome game, i reached lvl 7, too awesome tho

This game was pretty cool. You play as this guy with a flamethrower and theres a blizzard and you have to drive it back with ur blizzard killing skills and not waste gasoline, because if you waste ur gasoline the only thing you can do is stand around and drink hot chocolate while the citizens of the town run around in fear like loltards. And when ur character gets crushed by the blizzard the last thing he sees is a black computer screen staring at him for some wierd reason and eventually says "Everything sucks" 10/10 keep up the good work

The first part of the intro where the music is qued and the part of which the blizzard was approaching the town was rather well done. The part was really fitting with the music but it didn't last long cause suddenly a guy with a flamethrower with some weird mask and stuff was on a buidling. The the game begins and uh...
repetitive gameplay occurs. Every wave seems so identical. Even if you put a little twist by making more blizzards approach from different directions, it doesn't really matter because all it does was making the job of protecting the village harder, not more enjoyable.

Lots of people are questioning the use of the flamethrower to drive off the blizzard since it's not very realistic, but it would not have mattered a lot if the gameplay was actually enjoyable.
It's on the verge of being not-as-bad game rather than "enjoyable" game because lots could have been done better. It would have been nice that I had to save the trees too. I thought it wasn't part of my objective.
Also, when the guy is firing a stream of fire, there's a blob of fire produced every few seconds. That's gotta be fixed. I guess whenever the blob is produced, the gauge for the gasoline decreases. But I thought flamethrowers fire continuously, not in vollies. You gotta make the animation smoother and also make the gauge disappear more smoothly. Also, it seems that it's the blob that's driving the blizzard away, not the stream of fire itself. That made the game siginficantly difficult and simply destroy the gameplay. Happens when kiling the Yeti's too. It's the blob that damages them, not the fire itself. Because of the blob thing, it forced me to fire in bursts, cause that produced more blobish fires. After 6th wave, I gave up, leaving the town to freeze.
Gauges on the hospital and gas station is totally useless since the refill can be done infinite times. What was the point of it anyway?
Yeti kill count is also messed up, mind you.

Overall, a game enjoyable for 5 minutes. It's not bad, but it's not really in the line of good games. Many of the features of this game can be improved on.

I had fun for about 20 seconds...

not a great game

opening and music were moving

yet it almost feels like a excercise in fultility as no matter how fast you run or how much gas you use the all comsuming blizzard still advances

endearing to see humanity not despair though

Enjoyable, simple game.

Good job.

The opening and the music made me expect some kind of art game. There i am, waiting for something awesome to come up, and then... I'm not even sure what that was. I'm supposed to go around... using a flam thrower... to push back a blizzard? Wait, what now?

so the animation sound and the intro were pretty cool and the beggining was nice but after a while not only it get's boring but also starts making less and less sense, everything's freezing i dunno i guess snow mizer decided it would be cool like that
no pun intended
And then you start driving away a blizard witha flamethrower?
and then planet of apes breaks loose and a bunch of artic monkeys(no not the band) attacks your town...which i find hilarious considering you're probably the only guy in town...i dunno i'll give it a 5 for the effort, animation, intro and the lil fun i had while doing it
that's about it
it's an ok game i guess
it's pretty much an extended minigame

really boring game, that is all there is to it.

for somethind made in 72
pluss i like the idea ...but the game itself is quitte boring

Four stars for the effort...Decent sound and fair animation. Overall though way too repetitive. I didnt even bother to play through the first level as it felt like my inteligence was being insulted. Just like a lot of other people have said, if you could have put just a LITTLE bit more effort this could have been a pretty good game. Maybe have some sort of upgrade system? Some sort of bonus or even different characters or weapons. Mainly a bit more interactivity. Good luck on future submissions though!

I really like the whole idea. But the game glitched a lot of times. My character would go nuts, and would run up to Yeti's and fire in all the directions I wouldn't want...

So it got pretty much unplayable, but if this is fixed. I'd like to give it a go again. Also, I'd like to repeat what Flamewolf said.

The gas station and hospital never run out, despite have a little meter on them, which would have made this otherwise boring game somewhat challenging

why did you make the game so damn big?? I had to zoom firefox out 4 times for it too fit on one screen.

Game was okay for a few minutes, but then on wave 6 i just randomly lost half way through.

I hate the 72 hour gmae thing cause it results in so many half ass games like this. I think this should just be a starting point for a REAL game. Add an upgrade system, better graphics, and maybe character development, then re-release it as v 1.5 or something like that.

Sadly I'm surprised this game even made it to the front page, all it is is repetetive gameplay. Heck you don't even have that much to worry about you can pretty much just hold the mouse down throughout the game. You could've worked harder on this. . .

Game looked good when I saw what it was about, but when I saw "Programmer: AustinBreed". I knew I was up for some bad shit.

And man it was. Half assed gameplay, looped animations, and guess what? A 30 second loop of unrelated music! Just like all Austinbreed's games!
Game could've been great with effort and polishing. BUT NO, LET'S HALF-ASS IT PEOPLE WILL LOVE IT.
Could've been worse you know, could've been an art game.

The opening, and the title and the music deffinatly got my intrest perked. Butt....Sadly it didnt last. I think if you added quite a bit of things, upgrades, levels, maybe a better graphics, (I agree deff. a mute button)...

I would say this is a great start for a game. But something you could have worked on more. It looks more like an unfinished products expessially with some glitches. Buuutt I give a 5/5 for a great start! Good luck! =]

but wheres the fun ..the game is simple ..and blam ..try addin rpg elements like some store with upgrades ..and bether graphics ..guyz ..a little more time of making this then publishing please

A game like this should have some RPG qualities in it like upgrading the character giving, or him different weapons like of the some other gamers have said. the music is nice and does give you that feel of despair mixed with hope, and determination to survive which matches what the game is about but if you could put a mute button for those people don't want to hear it for what ever reason because I myself have stopped playing a few games because there was no mute button. The graphics could be better but it wasn't really bad. Also you could put scoring to show the player if they did well or were horrible and some how that could be how you can level up the character. THIS IS IMPORTANT in the first five minutes I found a glitch if you right click and scroll down to were it say forward and click it, it sends you to the next wave I am just reporting this bug and it didn't effect my rating on the game. That is all I have to say and good luck with your future games.

its a good game and its fun to play but i dont understand the story and u could have explained the story a lot better

Its kinda rare to give a 10, but this did what it was needed to, entertain and it did that well. Most games her re primarily casual games. Not meant to be played for all that long, but to come back and enjoy yet again.

10/10 5/5 Becasue this has become an instant classic.

Great job!

another flamethrower man hire some other then make more dificult

I dare say the concept is pretty well the same as that of Ludum Dare (i.e. 48 hour limit), and I've seen much better out of that, so your time restriction isn't an excuse for anything but poor polish (no-one expects you to polish a game in 48 hours).

What can I say? The gameplay was repedetive, and had nothing to interest the player past the first few stages (if they struggled through the first). The game amounts the running around in a circle and holding the mouse button down every few seconds, so it's not engaging on any level. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I just don't see how this is worth any-one's time. Well, I've seen worse, so you have that.

It is not a bad game, a "powerup" would be kinda nice on wave 7 it seems like the flamethrower does not do much??? Never got beyone level 7. :( also the yetis! they seem to sver run me can I have like yeti repellent or something? but Not a bad game...has great promise . I will look for more gams made by this author in the future!

I guess it was ok.. considering the time limit. There was no story though

No story? REALLY? Friggin really? Wow, how shallow are you people? These are freaking flash games for the love of shit, this site hosts games like Toss the Turtle. Take your pick from one of the bajillion art games here if you want a story. Just for that, I'm going to try and give this a fair review.

So first things first, I didn't really care for it. But that just means it did nothing for me, not that it isn't a badly designed game. It's actually a rather unique concept with an interesting style of gameplay: Though it does get pretty repetitive, but what game isn't? The only real design flaws I noticed were that Yetis seem to have WAY too much health and that the flamethrower pushes back snow probably a little bit more than it should. Other than that, it's solid and totally passes as a game. Personally I dislike the game and find it dull because I don't really care for the whole micromanagment-action approach (I'm not really sure which genre this even fits into, but you get what I'm saying, right?), but that just means it doesn't do anything for me, not that it isn't a well designed game. Hm...I'll give a 7. Very good design and execution, even without considering the time spent on this.

Oh, and the opening cutscene is gorgeous.

Not a lot of good things to say about this... I know you didn't have much time... but it wasn't even fun. Didn't really have anything going for it. It also made me have logical questions like "Why aren't I burning down the trees and buildings?". Then to top if all off it started to lag in round 4, and got unplayable in round 5. A yeti just walked up to me while I was lagged against a building and killed me.


Everybody is saying this game is okay for the time frame and it is but...no story? I mean i know snow bad and fire good but is there anything else? The game was rushed, which i suppose was the point of the Game Jam but it really does not require much work to have a few text frames between levels. Nothing much, no explanations but just some bullshit like "supplies running low" would have made it at least look more polished.
Good for 72 hours, but cant hide behind that for everything.

I'd like to tackle just about everything in this review, so bear with me.

The graphics are fine, and clearly resembled what they were supposed to (buildings, snow, monsters, etc) but really could have been better. Snow, when moving, are not just dots, they are streaks and lines. 7/10

All you really do is run from corner to corner while holding down the mouse button, stopping by the gas station and occasionally the hospital... and very infrequently worrying bout the monster or snowballs. It's repetative and actually makes very little sense. You shoot a flamethrower at snow as it tries to take over the last city on earth? Huh? Maybe a technology heirarch, defending against monsters while trying to upgrade the super-sciency force field(or some such shit) that is keeping the city un-frozen would have been better. Or just defending the generator/device. 4/10

The main menu gets the job done and doesn't look bad at all. The in-game tutorial does exactly what I would expect, and well. The death screen is mildly humorous, and works well as well. The HUD is nice, and I like how it decreases from both sides - that's a nice touch. Overall, 10/10 on this part.

This game was pretty good, especially considering the time frame in which it was created. Overall, 7/10

... it says "Everything sucks".
In this game, everything sucks indeed.

Amazing Intro,but for a game made in two days it was kinda good

This game was made in 72 hours, yes.
For that, it is an okay game.
There are several problems that I won't even mention, considering how many times they have been said (GFX, Concept, etc).
However, at the end of a wave, I always get the same report:
9 buildings saved, 0 buildings lost, 9 trees lost, 0 yetis burnt.
This has happened since the first round of game play, and is completely untrue.
Good try, I suppose.

It's pretty good for a game made in 72 hours. I was surprised to see some new challenges come into play, like the Yetis, the rolling snowball, and the blizzard that comes in all directions.

I would love to see another game like this with some improvements such as an upgrade system that allowed you to improve your speed, the strength of the flamethrower, an "automated defence system" against the yetis or the blizzard, or even a companion whom you can buy upgrades for! That and better graphics, more challenges like maybe a uber yeti or an avalanche. Add in few more new gameplay elements like a teleporter or a melee flame sword and you got yourself a awesome game in my books.

the first impression for a front paged game is to get something... worth it. there are no upgrades, not much challenge nor taste for gfx's. this was a total mess, but getting messy stuff is necessary to make great stuff, so i expect something nicer in the future

How did this get front-paged? The graphics are horrible and the concept is even worse. A guy with a flame-thrower is going to melt a Blizzard to "save" the "last town" on Earth?

Horrible concept, horrible graphics, idk how this got front paged. I'm probably sounding like a jerk atm but I'm shocked that something like this could get front paged on a place like NG.

Seriously what type of game was that?
I mean you didn't set a proper storyline at all.
At the start it was too easy and then at the end it was way too hard.
And i believe there is something called global warming.

boring, bad graphics, not so good idea. Kinda crappy tbh.

For a game made in a hurry, this is actually pretty good and reasonably original. Yes there are a few bugs in it, but the style and music and such are all appropriate. I do agree that more weapon options would have been nice, but again, for a time-constrained game, is ok.

dude no offense but this is crap.....learn to make it with better graphics and a bit more options

This game is not so good. It has lots of bugs and other crappy stuff :S!

it is very boring and it has some bugs

This game is something what newgrounds needs....its full of optimistic originality...Sound 10, Grafic 10 and animation is pure 20....btw, im just kidding.

Maybe more of a traditional defense style would play better? The idea/story has great potential you just need to change the style. Best of luck on your next one (hint that I believe you should make a next one).

Is there anything other than the guy with the flamethrower, the freezable buildings, the snowstorms and the yetis?

Is there anything to aim for apart from "hold stuff off as long as possible"?

I fail to see the point here. Nothing new, the music is great, it's a shame it has the blatantl loop-stutter and a lack of gameplay holding it up.

Damn great storyline, damn terrible game.

why would there be a point to save the buildings when your the only one living

The game starts out well enough with a great concept and an interesting take on the old "defend the civilization" thing that Missile Command started way back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth, but quickly loses its novelty when the player realizes that it's way too easy to cheat by just running in a circle and that there are no power ups or new tools to be found.

4 Stars just for effort. I know that you had a time limit here. Nice try, maybe next time.

easy to understand.........keep the town from freezing and the gas staion and hospital can be used, simple but go kinda boring after awhile maybe add upgrades
i really like this concept it kinda a tower defense and a survival game put together

all you do is walk in a square around the screen and point the mouse at each corner as you pass it. there's no interesting game theory concepts or philosophy to work with.

I understand that this is the last town on earth, but is he the last man on earth as well? I don't see why no one else is helping me fend off the blizzard. Are there not enough flamethrowers?

Quite a good game given you made it in 72 hours. If you ever plan on doing anything to it there are two things you might want to look at. First is the fact that the wave 1 I lost 0 trees and wave 2 I lost 3 but both days said I lost 9. The other thing is the yeti counter, I killed 3 yetis wave 2 and it only counted 1.

For a 3 days project, this is a really good game.

Don't mind the other reviews, they have no idea how hard it is to make a game in 72 hours! Good job!

Next time they say a blizzard's coming, I'll arm myself with a flamethrower and go show some Yetis who's the boss!

Graphics: Sufficient, despite the simplicity it doesn't actually look too shoddy, just "simple".
Sound: A bit too tame, after all you're fighting impeding doom with a flamethrower.
Humor: There's the absurdity of fighting blizzards and yetis and snowballs with flamethrowers which would be plenty of humor material, but that all goes unused. This game doesn't even try to make you smirk even if it could.
Gameplay: I don't quite see why I should save the trees or the buildings other than gas station and hospital. It's also repetitive very fast without upgrades or any other incentive to continue.

Final Verdict: For a flash game this is around average, actually the gameplay is below average but it feels polished that it rounds back up again. It was made in 72 hours apparently so it ain't a big miracle that it isn't groundbreaking, but the achievement gets you +1 star (I'd give more but this information doesn't make the game more fun).

not bad for 72 hours you maybe idk with your time managing ability but i thought like something that like made a fire in one spot and it kept the snow away for like 1/4 of the wave and you could buy that at a builing but i wouldn't know how hard it was to do this so just an idea

Ignore the under-appreciation from the previous reviews, they're failing to pick up on the fact that this was a game made within a 72 hour time-frame. To create any game whatsoever in that amount of time is a remarkable feat, while the game is repetitious and the screen may be a bit big for my laptop I can only salute you guys on a job well done.

it doesnt make much sense to have one man protect an entire town from yetis, giant snowballs, and a huge blizzard. he should at least have some kind of help.

Suffice to say that idea of a lone man fighting off the deadly blizzard with his trusty flamethrower to save the final town on earth is pretty epic!

I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay as well. It was quite fun for the first 4 waves, but as said, is started to get a bit repetitive after that.

As a rule of thumb that I've noticed in almost all successful games (which may or may not be correct) is to introduce a new element per level/stage/wave/sequence etc..

If you had added, say, an airplane that swoops by and clears the screen, and you'd unlock it by picking it up this power up from yetis, then I think that would have added another layer of fun, and wouldn't have taken too long to make. Just one example.

not mcuh but al least you got SOMETHING

It starts off promising, futuristic looking and a cool dude with a flamethrower, but after one or two rounds the repetitiveness gets to you, and it gets boring really fast. If there were upgrades and stages then maybe it would be a good game, but as it is, playable for a very short time.

lost all buildingS?
Lost 9 trees?
but saved 9 buildings?
beta mate?

The idea is creative, but it needs more elements of gameplay in order to keep the player from getting bored. Perhaps you could include a store that sells upgrades for the flamethrower, soldiers to assist in killing yetis and repelling snow, more buildings, etc. It also might be interesting with a more developed storyline.

Unit collision is horrendous... fire floats right over the snow and doesn't do a damn thing. Can't burn down the snowmen.... Don't bother wasting your time here, guys.

not perfect but, if you redo the game you may actually obtain an excellent defence game i keep up to the seventh wave and then the game seems to be stuck with the right key

Ok it's polished... the man moves and the fire burns...

But half the time the fire doesn't burn the yetis.

I lost 3 trees on the first round and two on the second. Both rounds said I lost 9.

I burned 3 yeti's on the second round... Said I didn't get any.

Are there any upgrades? I don't know. I didn't move on to the third round. Too boring.

Try some upgrades or making the next rounds different than the first.

Or try making a game where the summary actually reflects what you did that round. That would earn more points.

I have a few issues, first the flametower, why doesn't burn the trees buildings, I can't believe it does'nt burn the gas!

the look of the flametower is awful! Is just a bunch of yellow balls with a red ball, the trees don't burn and if a building is freezed there's now way to unfreezet? that's bad


I like the art and mood of the game, but it's a bit on the boring and repetitive side. Kudos for making it so polished though.

Really cool idea, but the execution is a bit less :3, YOU COULD'VE ATLEAST MAKE HIM STOP WALKING WHEN YOU STOP!! :)

its gonna be real cool to see what other games are made in 72 hours :)
good luck to all.
I do like the idea of it and the music. Interesting concept too.


but just to be picky

even when the character is standing still the walking animation was playing
and every now and then the character would stop moving for a second

but great art and very fun game



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