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Merit Badge 10 Points

Find the camp.

Bear it all 25 Points

Get a career.

Look Down on Me 25 Points

Find the secret temple.

StarBound 25 Points

Find the rocket ship.

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

IMPORTANT BUG FIX!!!! If you are having trouble where the end game "Return to Menu" button doesn't work and you are using an ad blocker of some kind, try turning off the ad blocker. That seems to resolve the issue. END OF IMPORTANT BUG FIX!!!!

You are a bear, a strong winter storm has come and destroyed your den. You must wander the land looking for a new home or a new life.

This game was made for the second Newgrounds Game Jam. That means we made it in 3 days from concept to submission on Newgrounds. We had a good time working on it and it turned out really well!

Developer Quotes:
TurkeyOnAStick: "Hope you like the fruits of our 3 day labours, and cheers for the great team"
Jacksmack: "I need more caffeine! STAT! "
ChartsOverHearts: "Well then. thank you for all your work. Im happy that we got to work together!"

We were suppose to have a fourth on the team but his laptop died and he was not able to participate. Sorry Night-Mare... Hope you get that fixed.


Team Mammoth

A very unique idea! I like the fact that non of the endings were really win/lose situations. I mean sure, being a model is preferable to getting eaten, but hopefully my point is made.
I like that it was just kind of free roam adventure :)

I know there was the 3 day limit, so you can't expect perfection. but i would have liked a view small details. Like make something other than the badger chases you out of the burrow sometimes. Or the odd thing you can run into in the snow. One that doesn't end the game, but just gives you more too look at.

Overall kudos to Turkey for the lovely art! The background was seemless, and at first I thought you actually had to handdraw the WHOLE thing, not just segments that were pieced together haha.
Sorry to hear Night-Mare couldn't join in :(
He really hasn't had the best Gam Jam experiences so far.

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JackSmack responds:

Yeah I wound up making the map out of pieces that Turkey drew. I worked for a solid 14 hour stretch on it trying to make sure that the bad bits were all covered with snow and the wall hits worked correctly.

We wanted to add more to it but you know how the time limit works. By the time we got to this point we had 4 hours before deadline and we were all beat. If we had added more it would have been half baked and the game was solid so we decided to submit it.

It turned out well though and it's kind of experimental, which is something that is nice about game jams. You get the finished game without a month's commitment.

MS Paint Adventure?

You guys get the idea for the title from Homebound?

JackSmack responds:

Actually it wasn't inspired by a game. The musician named one of the audio tracks Snowbound Instrumental and it actually started from there.

Turkey changed it to BearBound and I sat with my thumb up my butt while they came up with an awesome name. (actually I was coding my ass off, so it was easy to put my thumb in it since it was already off.)

Everything was very nice

Between the programmming, idea, and gameplay, everything went very smoothly and has a good storyline and purpose. Only complaint is the blizzard; we know the blizzard is coming, it's monotonous to keep holding us for 5 seconds just so the blizzard animation can play through. But that's just part of the game. Otherwise, I enjoyed it thoroughly.


Its a nice short game, but whats the point? :D. Why whould a freaking bear need 4 homes?

I Loved It

its so cute :D

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Credits & Info

3.98 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2010
10:35 PM EST
Adventure - Other