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Effing Meteors

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This is the "sequel" to Effing Hail, but it's not just new content, it's a different spin on the same sort of gameplay we developed earlier. We thinks it's pretty fun, hopefully you do too!


nice game

really kept me hooked til the end...i even made my meteor up to 115m and it cracked the whole planet lol really cool game man

Tips for winning...

When you blow out the core of the top planet you will come back to some dinosaurs, wait until a 40 mi "Radioactive" asteroid appears, it will mutate into a
T-Rex. Then save up and make a 50 mi planetoid or so, taking care of the occasional eye laser. When saved launch it! It halves its hp or maybe kills the T-Rex.
Oh yeah, and don't bother saving debris from when you blow the top planet, it will just go into the radioactive meteor.


does it change name after nadine??
i got 200 mi and i was expecting names lol
loved the game
nice job

Good game

I enjoyed it, nice job


THis is a vary enthralling flash experience. I created a meteor at one point that was at 120 mi in diameter or radius (I am not sure how you measured) and when I threw it at the planet, it completely missed! I was so upset at that part. Maybe better control of the meteors, as far as suggestions go, but this is really pretty awesome.

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4.31 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2010
5:40 PM EST
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