Effing Meteors

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This is the "sequel" to Effing Hail, but it's not just new content, it's a different spin on the same sort of gameplay we developed earlier. We thinks it's pretty fun, hopefully you do too!



Exterminate: I don't know where you get your ideas of science and the likelihood of mankind being wiped out being 0, but you're EXTREMELY wrong. I don't want to start a flame war, but Religion has only taught us that we're gullible, and Science tells us that, in the event of a catastrophic event happening, it wouldn't take a whole lot to kill off the entire human race. Maybe a 30 mile wide asteroid or even one the size of texas wouldn't ANNIHILATE us all, but there are asteroids out there that are FAR larger than that, just scouring the universe WAITING for something to cross its path.

Just remember, there are many things in the universe that could kill us without even noticing we were there in the first place. We're insignificant in terms of size to the universe. Your death can come from something you never even had a hope to see. This game is a fun little representation that, no matter how 'advanced' you are, you can still die. It's all a matter of luck, time, and something out there REALLY wanting you dead.

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Great game.

I just wish it were longer

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I. Want. Moar.

Loved it.

Want a sequel with upgrades, longer lasting. That would be perfect.

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just amazing!!

This game is Awesome.

if You make a sequel and make it it on a larger scale that would just be great

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4.31 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2010
5:40 PM EST
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