Icy Cave of Frustration

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Loser! 5 Points

You lost the game.

Smash! 5 Points

Kill a caveman with your icicle.

Animal Cruelty 10 Points

Hit a bird with your icicle.

Care-ibou 10 Points

Show some interest!

Bounce, Bounce, Smash! 25 Points

Hit two birds AND kill a caveman in one go.

Popsicle 50 Points

Reach level 15.

Basic Instinct 100 Points

You're the icicle master. Complete the game.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

THE GAME IS NOT BROKEN! (the preloader is however).

Not for those who have any of the following:
- A weak will.
- No sense of timing.
- A fear of killing caveman.
- Some sort of heart condition.
- Are pregnant

Play the role of God and undo the mistake of creating humanity, by killing it in it's early stages. You've already frozen up the world, and trapped them in their caves. Now drop deadly icicles on the cavemen successively to win. There are different obstacles that change throughout the game that make it increasingly difficult. If you win this game you are indeed a god, it's HARD!

This game is made for the Newgrounds GameJam, and is produced from scratch in *stops timer* 59 hours.

"It's like Stacker, but without the cool prizes"

2000 views in and the game still hasn't been beaten.... someone has reached like .. MAXIMUM of level 24, but then he would've had to hit 5's everytime so I guess level 15 is the highest?

To celebrate the new year ( here in holland ) I've fixed some bugs and polished a bit more.
- tranistion not working bug should be fixed;
- sign not fully showing text is fixed

HAPPY NEWYEAR, and... still not beaten, good luck!

-I've lowered the requirements for the 50 points medal to reaching level 15.
-I've ever so slightly tweaked the horrible level 12!

Yay! Frontpaged, thank you all players and ofcourse the grandmaster himself Tom Fulp. :P
Let me know if this fixes the lag please! (waiting approval)
- Did some code patching.

The guy on the top of the scoreboard ( score 500 ) is a cheater, it's way more then the maximum score.


Well paced

I thought this had some good graphics in it, but the downside was that it was actually pretty hard to understand. At first, I did not look at the instructions and thought that I lost my killing the caveman! What is kind of annoying is that you have to start right at the beginning after losing. As there are a lot of levels, that can get pretty frustrating. I did manage to get really far, and only failed because I wanted to get the medal of hitting the bird! As I care little for cavemen, I had no problem crushing them.

The music was pretty appropriate and I am now starting to notice that all of these games are ice themed. Man, I should have really caught onto that earlier. This is the kind of game that takes patience and unless you are skilled at timing, you should probably spend too much time on it. There could have been some more detail in the cave, but it would have probably not mattered. Next time, yes, you should have allowed us to start on the same level.

tomdeaap responds:

Hmmm... Cool review.

good game, but bad idea

the graphics are good, so is the music and sound quality is very well done but... who's idea was to just drop iclces on cave man all day?! sounds like a lot of work for nothing... i'll give you a 6 for effort.

tomdeaap responds:



I liked it , there are some points wich need some or a lot of improvement but its a lot better than those guys who comment saying that its lame,shitty , its easy for them to bash other since they didnt create anything themselves, they just cry, so 10/10 looking for more of your games and hopefully better games

tomdeaap responds:

Haha, thanks and yes, they just cry because they have no determination.

Pretty awesome and simple game

Woah, I now see why dthay named it Icy Cave Of Frustration

tomdeaap responds:

We named it because it's true :3

Good butttt

Good game, maybe a level selection panel? I don't like starting all the way over after messing up at the 5,6,7th level. More than one icicle?

tomdeaap responds:

Could be.. could be...

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3.31 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2010
5:01 PM EST
Skill - Other