The bird of death

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Story: This is an Urban legend about a bird that lived in Boston in 2008 that came in apartment and killed almost everyone that lived in the apartment.

Please note: That the bird I used is Mordecai from "Regular show" also beware the ending for those who might get seizures during flashy lights.


lol mordecai

This is not flash animation of any sort.

In fact, this was just photos and stolen images and animation from other sources.

Flashmaker2010 responds:

Go away you f**king Nazi!


I've seen better, I've seen worse. If I knew what was going on I mighta rated it a wee bit higher but since this is as good as it gets it's a six outta ten for you mate.

Flashmaker2010 responds:

Thank you for your review.


So... You call yourself a "flash artist"? This is fucking lame, one of the worst things I saw here in newgrounds, mainly because THERE IS NO ANIMATION or a fking sense. If I was you I would continue to watch cartoons and play The Sims, cause you got no talent to do this, kid.

Flashmaker2010 responds:

Oh! Well you don't have to post a stupid ass review on my flash just because you hate it I was in a Sims 2 mood while making this flash you retard! Check out my other flashes that have animation.

this is nooo flash

take this of ng and put it on youtube poop or something

Flashmaker2010 responds:

Just shut the fuck up and get a job!

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1.82 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2010
3:15 PM EST