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The Apprentice Vanquisher

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The Apprentice Vanquisher' was my first ever Flash project. It was created for an assignment on my course and had to be between 1 and 2 minutes long and contain the ability to allow audience's to interact with it. This also marked my first conquest in to the world of Actionscript. Enjoy! and constructive criticism is always welcomed.

Created by Ashley Firth, Creator and Operator of Firthy Inc.

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Was alright more so a movie but had interactive elements was good

an ok job

Honestly, i didn't like it, but thats my opinion. now as a flash its more a movie than a game, but as you said it was a course assignment and your first ever flash so it's understandable. the animations are good for a first game, and there's an ok storyline (which shows some imagination, but still needs improvement), and since now you're (i presume) more experienced at flash and you can make these better. my only real problem was the gameplay which is frankly, bad and not very fun. but that isn't such a problem as it was only a course project and not a proper flash game. and on the audio, i did'nt strike me much but it at least kinda went with ghost theme. oh and i find the storyline of a kind of a mystic ghostbuster kind of intuiging so, see where you go with that. so all in all, good effort, for a first game is decent, just improve on gameplay and i think you should be set.

MrFirthy responds:

Thanks I appreciate that. Like I said, it was a first project so there are definitely flaws to it, but it's nice to have reviews that don't just focus on everything that sucked about it. So thanks again.

Nothing special

Not very long and not very entertaining. But, I think it still passes.

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3.54 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2010
2:11 PM EST