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Author Comments

Instructions ingame.

Game requires keyboard.

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It's a cool idea, pretty original. It's like finger twister. fun little gimmick.

Locomotivator responds:

Tough gimmicks rarely amount to much.

It's an alright game

No real point to it but still "okay"

Locomotivator responds:

So it's alright but it's not? What were you expecting? An epic story?

eh not quite...

those are'nt instrustions, the timer starts while you are under standing them.
the instructions should be:
You hold the current letter and then press the next lettter.
then you let go and hold that letter and press the next one.
rather simple yes, but an explanation is needed. and theres nothing super cool
or new or unique that makes this completely worthy of newgrounds...
but either way, a few updates and this is a good game, such as:
music, better instructions, color(?), different kinds of this same game, like a leaderboard on how many buttons can be held in order, or how many you can be pressed with out letting go of a single key... all these things, would make this better. i could collab with you can fix this up with out you losing the main idea of the game, and heloing you create a game that would most likely be a daily first or a weekly best. :D

pm me and ill talk to you on some idea for you, with or without the collab...

Locomotivator responds:

Chillax kiddo, there are thousands who would be willing to give their ideas or boss around and get their name on the credits list. I was mainly testing how placing ads in a place so only those that replay several times occasionally see them, and can conclude now that it is a horrible idea.

As for the game, it's an aftertought. Nice to see some people even liking it, but it's nothing more than a small gimmick. Adding music, better graphics is a waste of time really, as I feel that such things are a distraction in this type of game. Surely I would get a better score but I personally don't see the point of dressing it up to seem as more than it really is.

If you really are interested in making games I suggest you trying the clickteam tools I used to make this.

http://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creato r-resources/game-dev-resources/the-ga mes-factory-2

What was that?

Honestly, this is a nice first try, but what was that?

Locomotivator responds:

It was game, honestly.

Credits & Info

2.78 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2010
1:18 PM EST