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Santa With A Shotgun

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It's better late than never. Check out our Christmas game. Let us know what you think!
You don't like Santa when he's angry.


Fly and blast through swarm of enemies who kidnapped Rudolph. Kill your enemies and retrieve back your beloved rein deer. Bring the pain! This is one Santa you don't wanna mess with.


16 Enemies
7 Bosses

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1/1 2/2 3/3 4/4 and 5/5 or 9999999999999999999999999999999999999 9999999999999/8 awesome game its crasy a santa with a gun sure shotgun is my favorite gun!

Difficulty Curve...

This game is really neat. Pretty graphics, it starts out with a very interesting sense of humor and involved gameplay with upgrading mechanics and all... But it gets so repetitive! All of the enemies and bosses follow the exact same pattern, even if they fire different projectiles or look different. It's also extremely hard when you start off and extremely easy once you get some upgrades. The ending also lacked the humor I would have liked. The music, like the rest of the game, was repetitive and didn't offer much variety.

Still, the gameplay was extremely fun, even if it was unbalanced and quirky.


seemed to be a solid game, but santa's shotgun fires way too slow. i can barely kill half the enemies on the screen. in a shooter game like this, that is a major problem.

Needs a little refining

Well, that was an enjoyable festive game, that sadly has one or two small bugs to be fixed, but I'm sure you can work through them, with not a lot of fuss.

It's a nice setup that gets Santa towards recovering his reindeer in a sort of Sonic the Hedgehog meets Evils Dead sort of game. The Coin collecting does get a little tiresome after a while, so the first thing I'd suggest you do is allow an upgrade that attaches magnets to Santa, so the coins just fly in towards him. From there, you'll have a much better experience, as opposed to getting people blown up in pursuit of more and more riches, for better upgrades.

When a boss dies, I found that there was a very short amount of time between the death of the boss and the continuation of the game. These things drop a lot of coin and as a result, I felt that they needed to get more time to collect what I could and maximise the profit, particularly in the early going.

I found a glitch in the upgrades screen - I had a balance of over 200 coins, then purchased a shotgun shells upgrade for 200, then saw my coin balance set to -135. This prevented me from buying anything for one of the levels and being handcuffed like that doesn't make for a happy gamer.

I killed the second boss and as I was off to collect the coins dropped from that, I was killed by the existing ordinance that had already been fired at me. Most games have a script that neutralises enemy fire on the demise of the boss, so that you can go crazy.

Of course, you're setting yourself up for Newgrounds Medals as well, which seems to be the way to go. Good luck with this :D

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zomg, when ur drunk its hard

just fyi, i am drunk, fun game though, but its to hard for a drunk man. God i gotta stop drinkin... But in all seriousness, its a great game, keep up the good work.