Evolving Machine

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The Evolving Machine is a concept of interactive gaming. It's just something I uploaded here to show somebody. The music is by the Killers, "Spaceman".

Fun Fact: I had no clue what it would become in the end when I made this.


EDIT: Thanks, NG and everybody for the daily third.


very fun and interesting!

love the ending

Nice try, Kingsman

There are in fact two endings. This should have been made a lot more obvious. But still, not at all bad.

Its not really evolving, nor involving

Belch, click adventure with 1 outcome only. Pretty much its just a click here ooo looky, click there, ooo looky again, click ahhh interesting.... No real logic but 'click the place that can only be clicked" How the heck this got 180,000 view is beyond me, but then again so does sleeping cats and penis flash make front page for weeks.

How to make it better: Have multiple outcomes, Cmon give us a real reason to hit refresh. Make it actually evolving based upon parts you click. Kinda like Growing based upon your choices. Make a lil more interactive, throw us a few "usless bones" like "click makes the thing change color, or burp, or waves a part at you".. something just to say "OOo, that was interesting, but guess it did nothing." as long as you don't trap them.

Make a sequel. Seriously, make it Actualy EVOLVE not just, click, click,click,clck like a power point presentation.

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Proof that sometime, the less kilobytes the better

Something about the simple concept of the game makes it fun with using complicated tricks or graphics. My hats off to you, and as to your edits, the best things are sometimes invented by accident.

What does this button do?

Fun random little gizmo game. I like it! It compliments my ADD. Can't wait to see more like this.

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3.78 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2010
3:36 PM EST
Simulation - Other