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I think I gonna regret submitting this...
All kind of marks are welcome! =)

The original video of the Popular youtuber: Ijustine:
http://www.youtube.com/us er/ijustine#p/u/408/zR39R zCouhc


It was better than i can do

I did´nt really get it but it was well animated, not super epicaly awesome!! but it was good.


but I wish i Justine really had that big boobs
It was kind of blocky though

Advertise-Play responds:

I'll make sure I'll set the brush right when I plan doing the next flash cartoon! ^_^'
This sorta anime like style ends me up drawing these gals with big boobies... I even had a partner in one cartoon that I've done that mistake on her drawn form... She was 15 back than... That was shameful out of me but lucky i see it wasn't personal! =D

Low quality

The oatmeal project what the fuck? An attractive girl on youtube eating oatmeal will pass, but a shit animation of it on newgrounds I hope will not... "all remarks ARE welcome" so... Your welcome.

Advertise-Play responds:

Yes. Your comment should be legitimate.
Sorry if you are feeling angry at the moment, I think I got your point.

Though it might hurts, I still think that newgrounds shouldn't ban people for the more honest but bitter comments. It aches but You are welcome!

Not bad

The art was odd but it worked. I just had no idea what the point of the animation was. Keep it up.

Advertise-Play responds:

Yeah! My friend told me I should change the line smoothness of the brush! I think that next time it will sure go fine! =D

she is cute

she is cute, and yes Ijustine is popular

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2.29 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2010
12:15 PM EST