SF II: The Satire Edition

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Update 4/13/2013 : Flash Retooled with more Newgrounds music and less original content. same flash, different music.
I shold have done this sooner...
Also, Ryu's Scene near the end was altered. Originally, the joke was about having him sing "Pop Star" by Ken Hirai, but due to copyright issues I had to replace it with Guile's theme. Thankfully it goes with everything! :D

I'm back and with a treat for you all. SFII The Satire Edition. This was something that i've been wanting to do ever since the SF collab was announced.

It all started earlier this year when I decided to play through various ports and upgrades of the game and I slowly developed several ideas in the process. I even decided to read up on each character's bio just to understand their backstories a bit better. I started writing the script, got several VAs and got some additional help from other authors. overall it was a 4 month process.I even decided to add a few cameos from SF4 in it because in a parody, anything can happen.

The character based humor was somewhat inspired by Brawl Taunts. The humor ranges from childish to campy to crude to somewhat offensive, depending on your sense of humor. Even though I made 4 MK Mishaps flashes in the past, I'll admit that this project was challenging for me since this SF lacks the "Gory comedy" that Mortal Kombat was known for

Thanks to everyone who helped out. I can't add the whole cast to the author Credits section, but you guys have all been credited for your work in the flash anyway.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!


Go home and be a family man.

As a huge street fighter fan I am beyond disappointed. I didn't find any of the jokes funny and the poor delivery didn't help.

LOL Gotta love nostagia

Oh Man i never laughed so hard in a while. I'm going to have to say that the bill and ted reference was by far the best.


Yet I don't know why there are so many low ratings? The noobs don't know what they are missing.

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Why so many low ratings?

I'm looking at some of the relatively low ratings, and it confuses me. I've seen people give some movies (I won't name names) 10s all around, with the defense being "jokes about the game." Well, in my opinion, it's called "SF II: The Satire Edition" and it delivered exactly what I expected: jokes about Street Fighter II! I'll admit, there were a couple that kind of flubbed in my opinion (Cammy kicks balls, Guile calls Chun-Li a man), but hey, I wasn't expecting something that would make me laugh until my sides split. Great job guys, I liked it!

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how can this be offensive to anyone?

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HadoukenDude responds:

people are picky over everything.

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