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Author Comments

Recommend to the 2010 Christmas Collection!


Mexifry (Me) and Mrabnormal teamed up and during the past 3 weeks made this cartoon. I had a lot of fun making it and I hope you have fun watching it. Imo, its our best flash yet and I had fun making this cartoon with him. This cartoon is kind of a old school slapstick. I watched a ton of Looney Tunes before I animated this, so if the influence is noticeable, I did my job right!

I plan on making a lot more cartoons in the near future and Im always looking to collaborate with other artists and such. (I am desperate for a musician.) So if anyone wants to collaborate sometime, hit me up with a PM or a comment or something of the sort.

Below are the credits to this animation. I felt it was unnecessary to add them into the flash, so here you are if you like.


Story: Mexifry
Storyboards: Mexifry & Mrabnormal
Art Direction: Mexifry
Preloader Art: Mexifry
Animation: Mexifry & Mrabnormal
Backgrounds: Mrabnormal
Music: Arbiter

Sound Effects from freesound.com and Hanna Barbera sfx CD all are royalty free.
Special Thanks goes out to my Family, who kept pushing me to get it done. :P


Animating this was fun.

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Love the ren and stimpy like animations great work on smotthness of animations too !


Horribly fast paced.

The way this whole thing was storyboarded baffles me. I see how you tried to imitate the actual "Looney Tunes" description from there but you failed very badly. Instead of actually setting the mood with overexaggerated movements on SOME scenes, you abused it and added it to about every single scene there is on there. Now, I've those "Looney Tunes" episodes before, and they do NOT exxgerate all of their movements.

The art from the actual body animation makes the overall work horrible. If you plan to actually try to draw at 0-39 smoothness or less, zoom in to at least 400% percent. Because you haven't even decided to go to that route, the animation is all edgy and rough, with barely any signs of inbetweening everywhere.

Audiowise, the music choice wasn't even fitting. Try experimenting with actual Cartoon-Christmas sounds before choosing your final audio. Doing this manages to set a nice mood for the animation and does not half-ruin the whole thing, like this submission.

1/10, 0/0.

Nice toon

Reminds me of like warner brothers cartoons. The animation was actually pretty good here, but the drawings could use some improvement for sure. There didn't really seem to be a lot of depth to the characters, no shading or border at all.

The sound effects were clever and gave it a real cartoon feel, and the tunes were appropriate as well. The errm toon tune.

Overall I'd say the animation was this...animation's strong point. The drawings could use a bit of work and it would have improved it vastly, imo.

Good work overall though, keep it up.


Simple and funny

This was actually very simplistic yet very funny at the same time. Apparently that was an endless little bag since it quickly filled up that guy's house. I didn't quite understand what the letter said though. However it appears the trickster was just being mean and funny for the holidays along with squeezing his rubber nose and banging on the door.

The audio accompanied it was very nice as well and the flash flowed along with the music just nicely as well. The animation was well done so kudos on that. You appear to have been in the spirit of things when you worked on this. Good and short little laugh anyways.

Overall, this is a nice piece. Will be sure to recommend it for the Christmas section.

Review Request Club

A nice lil toonie.

I tought it had a nice, simple story. The music was nice too! but there are many things that just dont feel right.

The first thing that really bugs me about this cartoon is how much (honestly) you guys ignored CONTRAST. And it is kind of a big deal. Often, the red guy´s pants and gloves kept merging with the background. You can do this, without using outlines, by simply playing around with colors/changing the colors of the characters clothes.

Second thing... the red guy´s eyes. Pick a design and do your best to stick to it. His eyes went from that cyclopean sonic-like eye form to being 2 separate shapes every now and then. Speaking of wich, remember how those eyes WORK. they shouldnt be shapes floating over the head, but MASSES inside of a skull.

I think both of those problems are caused by, well, bad character design. make at least a bunch of sketches from various angles so that you know whats going on with your character.

The sounds were ok because they help tell the story..., but were they necessary? I feel most of them didnt fit the action, even in the playful way the cartoon is supossed to use them. And they are distracting. They are like that idiot in the background when you are watching the news.

Right now i think you should focus more on your character designs, practice and practice to make the drawings FEEL heavy WITHOUT having the benefit of animation or sounds to assist.

great tips:
http://johnkstuff.blogspot.com/2006/0 5/animation-school-lesson-1-construct ion.html

Credits & Info

4.83 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2010
2:47 AM EST