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MY YOUTUBE : www.youtube.com/user/psyc hicpebbles
TOMSKA : www.thetomska.com

I did this back in October for Tom Ridgewell and Chris Bingham for Cakebomb. Sadly, every time I tried to open the file and toss a preloader in, it would crash. Chris O'Neill helped me out with this today so I decided to upload it. Also this seems more of the appropriate time of year to submit this.

If you get the chance visit thetomska.com and my youtube channel for hilarity.

Or do something productive.


Thanks so much for daily feature guys!

Frontpage? Sobbing wet gorilla dick, thanks a bunch mistah Fulp!

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fun fact: this is a snowball fight not a rock fight



"is this a grenade?" lmao

Ahh so beautiful, i remember watching this at like 10 years old, (14 now).

I remember me and my sister were watching this and it was hilarious. It's great to see how far Zach has come with his animation quality and all, because If you go earlier into his Newgrounds creations, they lack a bit, but that's all changed in a short amount of time and he, Oney, Spazkid, and other members of Sleepycast have become my role models, and animation heroes.