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That oughta do it. Sounds still a tad off, but I've stopped caring at this point. :P Do try to keep that zero bomb at bay.

Sorry about the craptastic dimensions. Trying to fix it..... along with that little sound problem near the end. You'll see it. And include it in your reviews. I know this. Because I back-traced it.

This was originally going to be a few minutes, but I got lazy and slapped on the half-assed ending you see before you. Enjoy my lack of determination!

By the by dear viewers, Project Stop Obesity Now has no idea that I made this, and I felt it was a bit too late to tell them about the free holiday ad that I randomly whipped up for them. Therefore, there is no information about LGD on their site, nor should you look for it, for you will be sorely disappointed. But go ahead and check 'em out anyway. It can be your New Year's resolution or something.

Obesity. 'Tis bad.

Happy Holidays,

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10 for the message

You would have got a zero, but I really liked the message you gave. Not trying to imply that people HAVE to be thing. But implying that it would be better for them. You didn't try to show any negativity with it. Just that it can effect the way people could be living. How being overweight could limit your actions with certain likes and fantasies. Putting a point across about how living a healthy long life is a good was to start a new year. Congrats.

Or I could be reading WAAAAYYYY too into this...but F*** it.

DDgeek84 responds:

Well it was more of a last minute thing (I was all out of time and I had to finish it as it was my final project for my motion graphics class), but I really dislike the whole "obesity epidemic" that people are too lazy to do anything about. Get outside, dammit.


bit short, pretty good tho

DDgeek84 responds:

Eh, I can do better. Don't worry, I'll do my best to blow your mind next time.


Its decent, but i guess you worked hard on it.........

DDgeek84 responds:

Nnnnnnope. :P