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Blue Iris: Legacy

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Author Comments

Before viewing, please read at least the second paragraph below.

This is our collaboration of "Blue Iris". Many of you are going to ask "who the fuck is Blue Iris"? Three words: Granny Porn Star. Is that making you hot? A full description of exactly who Blue Iris is has been put into the collaboration that can be accessed in the menu...that is if you can withstand getting through the techno-synced granny moanin'.

Yes, the file size is rather large. This is mostly due to the sound in our portions of the collaboration. Sound compression can be an evil evil thing at low bitrates, and it would of made our collaboration sound like shit. I believe that our presentations would have not been presented the way we had intended if we had our collaboration's audio heavily compressed. This is 2010 after all (soon to be 2011), and who uses dial-up internet anymore, anyway? Let's just hope the FCC doesn't let ISPs restrict bandwidth on certain websites anytime soon. Oh wait...

Please be advised that this submission is not safe for work, and it contains some mature content that is not suitable for younger audiences.

Among the contributions to this collaboration are the following movies:
- "Blue Iris Takes Over the World" by Mr. Congeniality
- "Fapping Interupted" by Grub-Xer0
- "Tom Browses The Internet" by DarkMatter

Special thanks to NewgroundsKeeperJim for initally organizing the collaboration and coming up with the idea.

A more detailed list of credits are featured inside the collaboration.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy.

Update 12/30/10: File size reduced from 5.5MB to 4.9MB, and new artwork included ;)

Update 01/02/11: Liked the remix that is looped in the main menu? Get the full BLUE IRIS remix by reading my latest news post.

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lol next time make more pr0n in it!

i love the music. please pm me the info for it. oh and the videos aren't that bad either.


Good job Grub and friends.

This made my day.

Not the Granny Porn, but the fact that my song was used in it, and that it was released on my birthday. It did make me laugh to the point I was about to piss myself, so thank you for that. Hell of a way to turn 24 though, hear and old lady ask "Are you stroking you cock?" LMFAO. Good job guys.

Are you stroking your cock?

Are you stroking your cock?