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Ostrich Jump XMAS

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Author Comments

An ostrich somehow has found its way onto the north pole! But some asshole *cough*santa*cough* left a bunch of garbage up there so now you have to control this ostrich and see how far you can go before the toxic north pole waste dump destroyers the precious ostrich!

Left/RIght - move side to side
You must hold the following buttons down until you pass the object:
UP - Jump (Hold to keep flying)
Down - Duck (also cancels jumping quicker than waiting for the ostrich to fall back down)
SPACEBAR- Turbo (for objects that squash you, you can hold this so go faster, as your score will increase a tiny bit faster if you do)

This is a modification of my Ostrich Jump 4 Engine, which is still in the works, I worked hard as hell to get this done on time, however I did run across a few bugs that I wasn't able to re-create, so if you run into any bugs please write a review describing what happened so I can fix it.


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Hell, I laughed.

Ostriches are animals that bother me. They're these giant, flightless, and kind of stupid birds that can't fly. They seem like the perfect protagonist for an oddball game, and it was a good choice for this production.

The art across the entire game was really excellent. The animation cycles for the ostrich were fluid, and I didn't see any choking across the other animations of the game. The ice walls didn't look fantastic, but they did the job. Conversely, the candy canes, while being hilarious, were very well-drawn, and fit the game well.

Precise controls are essential in a game like this. I'm happy to report that the response time was lightning fast, and I didn't have any "OH MY GOD THIS GAME IS CHEATING" moments. It made the game a lot of fun to replay.

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Looks like a pretty solid game to me. It was designed very well so I don't see how complaining about a challenge is worth much. We've been given all the controls necessary to advance, so it's our own failures that kill us, other than a lack of or bad programming.

The animation was very good and the drawings were excellent. I like the crazed ostrich look quite a bit, lol. I think it was extremely helpful that you put arrows on the walls and labeled "SPACEBAR" on the compactors. Very helpful for a first time run.

No complaints about this really. It seemed like a solid game and was overall fun for a few runs. No real long term benefit, and no medals, but fun for a bit.

Keep up the good work.


Interesting but a little tedious

I've never really been a fan of this sort of game, but you have put it together well - the graphics seemed a little "samey" though and the ostrich never looked more battered and bruised by the concussions that it received from the contact with various obstacles.

The fact that they are well known not to fly makes it slightly unbelievable that they can clear some higher obstacles although this wasn't the main reason I disliked the game. I was always more of a fan of the side scrolling games of this ilk, as you get marginally more time to react, as opposed to the way that some objects get obscured by the waving neck and head here, cutting down my think time, before pressing the right key.

A tutorial level would have helped, rather than writing "space bar" on the compactors and just throwing the hurdles at us, that I initially thought that I could duck under - one decapitated ostrich too many for my liking in those circumstances.

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Good and hard

I found this to be a nice and hard to play game actually. The graphics and controls were fairly nice as well. What was the name of the song used? Good sound effect for the bird when it gets hit too. The game play was alright, I like how it gets a bit harder as you last longer as well.

The longer I went the more quicker I had to dodge things which made it a good and challenging game too. The snow graphics were also a nice touch to it. Where was the ostrich running to anyways?

Overall, fairly decent and fun game, nice work on this.

Review Request Club

Can't Say I Didn't Try

This is a pretty good game, though it feels more like it's about memorization that forces you to play again more than anything. I know that's kind of the thing with this genre, but it just isn't visually appealing or addictive enough to keep trying for that high score.

It is fun for a few go's though and kept me entertained for what I played of it. My core complaint is probably just how much it truly came down to memorization at the point I pretty much kept losing at. You HAVE to know that you need to jump and then immediately duck, or else you're in for about five obstacles of pain as you attempt to figure out how to react.

Like I said, good for a few plays, but that's it. Maybe a side run view and less of a head on view would have been better. I do want to see what you can make in the future though.

The-Mercenary responds:

yea, I could have probably made it a little bit easier, I didn't have time to test w/ other people and I didn't want to make it too easy so I made it to the point where it was challenging for me to play, but not impossible. If you want to play a Side View, Ostrich Jump 1-3 are in a side view, this is head on because I got tired of side views

Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2010
5:27 PM EST