The Visitor: Massacre

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The Visitor: Massacre at Camp Happy

Use arrow keys or WASD to move, Spacebar or CTRL to eat and ESC to RESTART. Eat animals to gain their ability so you can traverse different environments. Some animals are evasive and you must sneak up on them from behind, while others are too large to eat until you eat a pig or two. Find and eat all the campers to advance to the next level. Earn extra points for destruction by breaking picnic tables, knocking over tents, snapping trees, destroying signs and more.

Control an alien slug as it rains death and destruction onto a sleepy campground. Devour creatures to gain their abilities of flight, swimming, climbing and size as you make your way to your next human meal.

Based on Zeebarf's hit game The Visitor, the insatiable death slug is back in an all new action-adventure horror game. Guide him through the mountainous forest grounds of Camp Happy, as he destroys everything in his path in search of victims.

Featuring original horror music by Sergiu Muresan, game stat tracking and automatic game saving. Sponsored by ArcadeBomb. Developed by ClickShake Games.


okay, but not what i expected from a Zeebarf game

yeah, it's entertaining, but it really lacked the quality artistry that i've come to expect from a game with the name "zeebarf" attached. considering how masterful the first visitor game is, the design in this is just disappointing, and the game play wasn't as engaging as the first.


Obviously the art is great and the premise is interesting. However, this should really be a game about eating and killing as many things as possible. Instead, this is a game about eating the right animals at the right time in order to gain the needed abilities and/or sizes. In other words, instead of being about eating and killing everything in sight, it becomes about running away from a friggin' otter trying to catch a goddamn bird that won't hold still and dying over and over again. Needless to say, that isn't much fun and not the kind of fun the premise promises.

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It simply doesnt have the magic of your other games. This seems monotonous and average in terms of art and gameplay. Its not a terrible game, but just not that good or original.

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Had some lag issues, and was disappointed that it wasn't a Zeebarf point n click..graphics are okay and the maze aspect was an interesting concept but I didnt really like having to run back and forth to shrink myself and regain already acquired abilities..stopped at the water maze because of the lag and i died, could just be my machine but I didnt care enough to start over.

no disrepects

but this game thought this would be a point and click but it was ok but you can do better

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4.20 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2010
12:25 PM EST
Action - Other