TF2 Xmas lololololololol

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First of all, I would like to say happy holidays to all of you or other crap you might be celebrating, and if you're not celebrating anything, then happy shut the fuck up.. lololol just kidding. I got that from avgn. This is a team fortress 2 parody. I made this because I was watching some gmod videos in the internet and I enjoyed them.You're probably wondering why I didn't finish this. Here is why: I got disappointed with this because it did not turn out the way I intended except for the vagineer part, and I thought it was pointless to work on it at that point so yeah. I got some sounds from partners in rhyme, tf2, youtube, maplestory and some other places I can't remember. Thanks for watching and have a nice holiday if you're celebrating one etc.


Kind of funny

It does seem like a machinima video would be more appropriate, but this is still pretty fun. The best thing is how there are so many of these characters just being idiots. The poo hand is one of the most random jokes I've ever heard. Nothing in this makes any sense whatsoever, but it's still funny. I thought the animation was decent, especially with how the engineer flew off on his jetpack. I thought it might feature the "trolololo" guy given the title.

It was weird to see the poo and blood stains everywhere. The funniest bit was probably when he fought with the poo hand (yes, I just mentioned it was the weirdest bit too). I like how some of these characters are colored and others aren't. Others still have parts of them colored but not the rest. You have a cool username, too.


Do some voice acting and add some colors, and you are done!

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I thought that this was pretty funny.

However, the fact that you don't complete your cartoons is the main reason that prevents you from getting high scores. I bet if you looked up some books on anatomy, perspective, composition, color theory, and animation; you'll be on the path of being a Newgrounds legend. In other words, you have a lot of animation potential, but your tendency to lose motivation due to other artists who get high scores.

Art & Animation: while the characters were drawn with accuracy, and animated with skill; the fact that you didn't color it is what hurt the overall score. I bet if you went back and colored it all in, that will result in this getting a much higher score. Plus, I noticed that you do all your shading on a higher layer over the line art; an alternative to this is to use the flash color slider and turn down the value slider. It will look a whole lot better that way.
Sound: Nice use of the actual Team Fortress 2 soundbytes, along with the sounds from Maple Story and what not. However, you may want to get some voice actors because text-to-speech voices aren't going to help you in the long run.
Content: Unlike some narrow-minded tight asses, I don't have a problem with people using tv shows or video games as their subject material. And considering that you have a few original cartoons under your belt, you have some wriggle room to do so. Then there's the humor, which I thought was pretty good even though shit-related humor is overused. The execution and timing make up for that, and it's not often that you see sight gags used in flash movies.

What I did like:
-Good art and animation
-Clever use of soundbytes
-Underused subject

What I didn't like:
-Not everyone likes text-to-speech voices.

Overall: Here's a seven out of ten, and I think you should save your cash for a drawing tablet.

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vagineer pole sex. nuff said.

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i actually never expected that nice goin!

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Dec 24, 2010
12:20 PM EST
Comedy - Parody