Prison Planet

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BattleCritters games are fun and competitive science fiction themed experiences. Our goal is to create multiplayer games that don't require a huge time commitment but keep you coming back for more. Enjoy playing, and remember the path to victory produces some roadkill. find out more at www.battlecritters.com

End Game screen fix
Prisoners stay on path
Mission difficulty fix
Mission 1 significantly easier


Almost as annoying as Xeno Tactic.

Once again, we have another TD game that confuses obfuscation of game rules with depth of play. There's no real enemy diversity or level diversity here to present new and interesting tactical challenges. Just a really pointlessly hard game.

From the bone-shatteringly stupid towers who favor the nearest enemy rather than the enemy closest to the finish line, to the splash weapons that vanish in midair if the enemy they're targeting happens to die, to the upgrades that cause your turrets' stats to go DOWN, practically every common TD element has been given special Magical Fail Powers that cause it to not do what it says on the box.

This philosophy of hiding important details from the player extends to the basic interface. Since unit stats are displayed as bars rather than numbers, a desperate player can't even try to crunch the numbers. The timer starts ticking down before you place your first turret, giving the player no chance to learn to a new level's layout. If you so much as take the time to note which door the enemies are coming out of and which one they're heading towards, you'll waste valuable seconds.

The result is a game in which it is impossible (or at least very, very unintuitive) to predict the results of any choice presented to you. The entire game is a clusterfuck. You'll spend dozens of replays trying to figure out what the magical combination is that will actually prevent prisoners from escaping, and then the game slaps you with a Demerit.

That's right.

The game. Punishes the player. For trying to learn.

There's just no excuse for this. The game tries to be un-fun in every way possible. First it prevents you from winning. Then it prevents you from learning. Then it prevents you from playing. Un-fun doesn't even cover it. This game is antifun. I would treat it like a game-as-art experiment if the graphics and sound weren't trying so hard to actually be good. They actually support the theme of the game extremely well. I can't accept it as a Troll Submission either for the same reason. I just don't know what to make of it.

If you enjoy constantly dying because your units are drooling incompetent morons, constantly being forced to choose the lesser of two evils in realtime with no prior gameplay experience, losing level progress as punishment for trying to figure out the core gameplay, and being overwhelmed by stupid unwinnable odds rather than any legitimate challenge, go play the pen & paper RPG Paranoia with some friends. You'll have a lot more fun than you would trying to figure out how to wring the fun out of this pile of bullshit.

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battlecritters responds:

We made some mission modifications, so the game is not quite as intense as it was before, hopefully you'll find the game a little easier to play now.

We've also made some modifications to level 1 so that users will get a gentler initiation to the BattleCritters Prison system :)

You'll still get a Demerit if you fail a mission however, Prison Planets Warden is a touch coookie, and doesn't like any humies escaping!

Thanks for your honest review.

Great concept

But the "towers" are stupid. rip of bloons and add targeting options like first last strongest weakest. the towers themselves don't scale up in power as fast as the prisoners so maintaining gold is rediculous. Emergency powers are fine but the dogs don't stand their grounds and generally waste their time running after mobs with full health and getting too far away form the zones they are supposed to be protecting. alot of the upgrades are overpriced for the negligible amount of effect they have. Different towers wouldn't change much if they were still overpriced and weak like the base ones are.
This is one of the better tower games i have played on this site for graphical quality and concept, but the gameplay elements wreck it for me in much the same way most tower games fail.. by having overpriced towers that don't do diddly & upgrades that are negligible in effect (the only useful one was the force rod for hammerheads, and it still seemed a touch overpriced) maybe you could change this by adding a leveling system to your towers like other games, incrementally upgrading the damage.. and don't lock upgrades by kill points. There's no point in having upgrades that you can't purchase for your backrow towers which need it the most.
Like i said before, great concept but it won't be a fun game until you tweak the numbers

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battlecritters responds:

We've updated the game so you earn more money for knocking-out a prisoner. This will help ensure you have enough to buy those important upgrades for your critter guards.

We've also tweaked a few numbers, so your gameplay experience will still be challenging but not as difficult as before. Let us know what you think :)

Awesome graphics

Tower defense games are fun, and this is a great one! The graphics and sound are great. As other people have said, more towers would be good - but the emergency powers are fun. I can't wait for version 2.

Kinda fun but...

Maybe I just fail at TD, but these are the dumbest (not as in lame, but as in unintelligent) towers I've ever used in a TD game. They sort of just spam their attacks randomly.

It seems like they target the nearest enemy always, and not lock onto the nearest enemy and then try to finish it off. This means that with the ridiculous rushes you've got set up it's completely impossible to stop everything without using piles of teleportation pads, which kinda ruins the whole TD thing.

Heavy mobs will stack up with quick mobs, and the turrets only end up shooting at each group once, and then letting them run by scott free. So way too frequently I'll see very low hp mobs escaping, while still in range of a turret, because your unintelligent turrets decided to attack a new mob instead of finishing off the current one.

The graphics are ok, there's almost no variation to your gameplay... the fact that the turrets are retarded is extremely aggravating... Nice start, but could do with a lot more.

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Great game but...

i like tower defence games but theres just soo many of them and yours really did nothing new to stand out although the graphics are better than most TD games the fact how there was only 3 towers and two power ups kinda made it fun for the first 2 levels then it got boring soo please make another but more towers = more fun

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Dec 23, 2010
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