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Santa Saw Trap

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Author Comments

EDIT: Thanks for the front Page Tom! Guys I apreciate you all being critical after all I expect it since this is my first submission, I would apreciate it if you just keep in mind this is my first flash.

MY first Upload!!! New to the whole newgrounds and Flash thing so I hope you guys like my first movie. Also Sorry if The Saw guy is hard to understand.

PLEASE READ: Here is What the Saw guy is sayin:

Lets play a game hello santa for years youve raided peoples houses secretly robbing people, taking their possessions, and youve covered it all up, made people think you were actually giving gifts, you think you had it figured out, only take small valuable items, the people you robbed assumed they lost these possessions, well today you could lose it all, you will be put to the test, you must find 3 keys to escape, if you complete all three tasks in order to get these keys, you will unlock your freedom, do you have what it takes to survive, or will you lose more then the people you stole from ever lost? the choice is yours

Second time:
now that the game has begun I should let you know upon entering this room
you have started to breathe in a deadly gas you will have 5 minutes before you pass out and 6 minutes before you die
now you may have noticed the height of this room, any minute the walls on both sides will start moving closer and closer until they completely close shut, and on whatever is in its path. you must climb to the top before this happens, hopefully your size doesnt slow you down

Third Time:
Let me remind you you are still breathing in the deady gas, so keep up your pace. Now, you may have noticed one of your most loyal elfs hanging above this pit of acid, you must free him by giving up flesh from your body in the device nearest to you. If you do not give enough flesh he will surely die as well your chances of escape,,you will have one minute before he starts to submerge in the acid, once the scale fills with enough of your flesh, the machine lowering your elf friend will stop,wondering where your key is ?, if the key touches the acid it will decinigrate and you will never ecape, do you have what it takes? The choice is yours.

thanks to dillpickle987 for being the voice of the elf

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Wizards in Winter - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
is the song called
and this movie is pritty funny , might not be the best but funny none the less
and the fact he put efford in it to match the music in the trap was pritty awesome
and maybe if he does abit more work on his next piece ill bet its even beter
great job keep it up



Funny and original

defenetly deserves a better score. 5/5 10/10

like the music

whats the music of the first challange were he has to climb its very adictive

I like It.

For Yuor First Flash i Suprisingly Liked it Unlike Most People :).

Credits & Info

1.99 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2010
2:43 AM EST