Topsy Turvy

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Gravity, it pushes you towards the earth, straight down, right? Well, this game shows otherwise, where you must find out what to do in these earth turning levels!!!


Move with the left and right keys arrow keys
Jump with the space bar
Walk into the walls to rotate the stage.
Interact with objects using
Collect coins, and to complete each level, get to the flag!


Really Good!

I have never seen a gravity game like this before. . The Controls are very simple, mission is simple, the puzzles are challenging. What i like about it is that it is very unique somthing different! And the music is nice too. Great Job!

Pretty Good Gravity Game

Overall, the game works well for what it is. The controls are well done, and about as precise as one could want. Several things keep the game from being perfect:
>Nothing new added to the gravity/flip puzzle genre
>Graphics and Game mechanics are simple, which could be considered both good and bad. Simple is smoother overall, but boring in the long run. There could be more enemies, collectibles, and portal-like game mechanics added.
>Not being able to zoom out and see the whole level/puzzle causes one to guess sometimes where to jump, which is frustrating for those that like to minimize their death counts. However, it seems that the number of deaths don't affect anything, so it could be worse. But that begs the question, why keep a count at all?

Overall, not an amazing game, but entertaining and without any major flaws. Playability is one of the most important things a game can have, and this game has it.

good fun,

i had fun and game was just the right length. I would suggest more colour as it did look a bit depressing. Gameplay was good though, I did have the same problem as medeyer with coins too.

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CodeHeads responds:

will look into the coin problem asap, thanks for letting us know and the comments from you all :)


Good job it has a nice all around difficulty. i could barely stop to do this review its really addictive. cool

A very unique and challenging Flash puzzle game!

I am truly fond of this unique Flash puzzle game for its simple controls, unique cartoon-like visual style, challenging puzzles and great presentation!

I really like how its puzzles are gravity-based and focus on the careful navigation through gravity-based labyrinths! This game has everything a good Flash game should have: originality, challenge and great presentation!

Excellent job! I hope this sells well as a retailable iPhone game!

CodeHeads responds:

Hi, thanks for the comment, we are really happy to hear you enjoyed our game. We hope it does aswell on the iphone as it has been doing on the web :) but i would like to say, that so we will be holding a community event for players to create there own levels, of which the winners will win a prize and have there levels ported to the iphone, will post in the forum when this happens everyone, so keep your eyes out for it :)

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3.97 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2010
4:41 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle